Young, Confident, Progressive - Overseas Media Speak Highly of Chery’s Internationalization
DATE: 2009.04.29

Chery presented its 32 new models under 6 series brilliantly at Auto Shanghai 2009, attracting great attention of mainstream media both at home and abroad. During the show, 55 overseas media guests from 15 countries including Russia, Turkey, Venezuela, Argentina and Brazil, etc also gathered in Wuhu Anhui Province to focus on and experience the “Young, Confident, Progressive and Internationalized” Chery.

In the general assembly workshop of Chery, the media guests looked around the car production line with annual production capacity of 650,000units. The advanced production equipment, tight quality monitoring mechanism, world-leading manufacturing technologies and lean management received repeated praise from the overseas media guests. And in the 3rd welding workshop, advanced technical equipment and inspection measures like central control system researched and developed independently by China, and the main model of A3 built by Italian Terni drew the attention of the guests deeply.

A journalist from Brazil said that the production line of Chery was on a par with world-leading production lines; this Chery tour completely changed his opinion upon “made in China”; the production equipment, management methods and quality system all reached world level.

Also, a Russian journalist told us, the skilled operation and optimistic mental outlook of Chery workers convinced him that Chery is a young, confident and vigorous company.

In the modeling room of Chery, the overseas media guests spoke highly of Chery’s strong R&D strategy and system, fast R&D ability and abundant product lines.

After visiting the modeling room, the guests also took a test-drive of Chery Riich M1, a pure electric vehicle. Riich M1 is the first high-speed pure electric model of Chery powered by a 40Ah lithium iron phosphate battery and driven by a 336V, 40 KW powerful electric driving system. The charging mode of this car is very fast and convenient for consumers. Using the 220V civil power supply, full-charge of the battery takes only 4-6 hours. And, in the quick charging mode, it takes only thirty minutes to charge 80% of the battery. An Egyptian journalist expressed that after experiencing the pure electric car of Chery, he saw Chery’s achievements in the R&D of new energy vehicles; the development of Chery in the field of new energy was worth expecting.

All the overseas media guests of Chery said that this Chery tour helped them know more about Chery, the leader of Chinese independent enterprises. Deeply impressed by Chery’s garden-like factories, internationalized strength and progressive enterprise outlook; they thought Chery had already acquired the “license” for marching toward world auto market. At last, they extended their best wishes to Chery, hoping Chery goes further and more smoothly on the road of internationalization.