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Beijing 2016

The 14th Beijing International Automotive Exhibition (Auto China 2016) will take place at China International Exhibition Center New Venue (Tianzhu) and China International Exhibition Center Old Venue (Jinganzhuang) simultaneously from April 25 to May 4, 2016, the total exhibition area is expected to be 220,000 square meters.


Established in 1990, Auto China has been held for 13 editions every 2 years. As the most authoritative exhibition in China, it has great influence and has attracted great attention all over the world, and is an important presentation and communication activity for the international automotive industry.
Nowadays, automotive industry in China is entering the era of Internet, electrification and intellectualization. A series of innovative ideas, thoughts and products has been generated from the fusion of new technology, new industry and traditional industry. On the other hand, an increase will drive all the industry onto the path of transformation and updating.

Under this environment, the international automotive industry will face a historical opportunity of transformation.
With a theme of “innovation to transformation”, Auto China 2016 is following the development of automotive industry. Having collected and presented the latest development features, innovational manufacture ideas, modern automotive industry as well as the combination of natural environment and internet technology, the exhibition is also the witness of the convenience brought by automotive industry, and has promoted the international communication and collaboration.
Auto China 2016 is sponsored by China Machinery Industry Federation (CMIF), China National Machinery Industry Corporation, China Council for the Promotion of International Trade (CCPIT) and China Association of Automobile Manufactures (CAAM); And is organized by China Council for the Promotion of International Trade Automotive Committee (CCPIT-Auto), China National Automotive Industry International Corporation (CNAICO),China International Exhibition Center Group Corporation and Society of Automotive Engineers of China. Up to now, everything is in well preparation; a well-prepared and brilliant automotive show will be put on the stage in schedule.

Media day and the schedule

According to the demand, the period of media day was ajusted to 2 days, Apr 25th - Apr 26th. These 2 days are only for domestic and foreign media, and no tickets available for the public. Apr 27th and Apr 28th will be the trade day, and the period of Apr 29th – May 4th will be the public day.
The exhibition in China International Exhibition Center New Venue will last for 10 days, from Apr 25th to May 4th.
On the first day of Media day, Apr 25th,the exhibition time is 9:00-18:00.
From Apr 26thuntil May 3rd, the exhibition time is 10:00-18:00. May 4th is the last day, the exhibition time is 10:00-15:00. Exhibition time for auto parts and new energy vehicles in Ole Venue is from Apr 25th to Apr 29th, 5 days in total.
Apr 25th 9:00-17:00
Apr 26th – Apr 28th 10:00-17:00
Apr 29th 10:00-15:00