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Bringing out brand charm, Chery appears in Buenos Aires Auto Show

On June 9, 2017, the 8th Buenos Aires Auto Show was on in Argentina. With the theme of ABRE CAMINOS, Chery presented its powerful product line up consisting of NEW TIGGO3, TIGGO5, ARRIZO5, TIGGO2, TIGGO7 and other Chery Strategy 2.0 products. Together with automobile brands from other parts of the world, Chery contributes a visual feast of its products with unique stage demonstration and strong product power.

Buenos Aires Auto Show, as one of the largest international auto shows in South America, is quite a popular automobile event with extensive influence in the region. Chery booth had innovative design full of high-tech sense. The red-white color combinations perfectly matched with the dynamic and stylish models to highlight the young and energetic brand image of Chery. Thanks to the unique booth layout and quality fascination of Chery 2.0 products, the booth was crowded with visitors who came to appreciate the brand and products.

Chery launched its NEW TIGGO3 at the auto show in the witness of more than 40 representatives of Chery dealers and 30 representatives of mainstream media. Thanks to the avant-garde appearance, super-large space and powerful tech applications, NEW TIGGO3 won the praise from all visitors and media representatives with the comfortable and intelligent experience in vehicle use. After it was launched in the market, NEW TIGGO3 will compete against mainstream SUV models. Because of its excellent product power and historical performance, NEW TIGGO3 is expected to become a model that excels among all SUV competitors in Argentina market.

Chery also exhibited all its Strategy 2.0 products at the Auto Show, which accumulate wonderful market fame and response to lay a solid foundation for the future launches. ARRIZO5, as the first Strategic Model for its global presence, has been launched in South America, Middle East, West Asia and East Europe, whose quality and performance are widely recognized in the world. Since making debut in overseas markets, Chery TIGGO2, due to the exceptional quality of both interior and exterior, has become one of the bestselling models in SUV market. With outstanding appearance, design and quality, TIGGO7 won the Best Production Car Design China 2016 awarded by CARSTYLING in Tokyo of Japan on March 22, which is the authoritarian and top automobile magazine in the world. In April, it won Gold Comments of C-ECAP with the score 81.31, getting most exceptional performance.
At present, Chery has more than 40,000 customers in Argentina whose sales networks spread in major cities in the country. Chery sales rank No. 1 among imported brands, getting great trust and support from local consumers. In the second half of this year, Chery ARRIZO5, TIGGO2 and updated TIGGO5 will be launched in Argentina. By that time, two family series of the brand, namely, ARRIZO sedan and TIGGO SUV models will be seen in the country; enriching its product matrix and helping Chery increase its market share in Argentina.