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Chery Launching EXEED TX in the 67th IAA Cars Frankfurt/Main

In the 67th IAA Cars Frankfurt/Main on 12 September, Chery launched the high-end product family “EXEED” and its first model EXEED TX. On the launch conference, general manager of Chery Automobile Dr. CHEN Anning said that EXEED is one new high-end product family that Chery develops in compliance with the trend of upgraded domestic and overseas markets, better than ARRIZO and TIGGO product families.

As the first masterpiece of EXEED product family, EXEED TX reflects the overall upgrading of Chery’s core technologies and product technologies in such sectors as appearance modelling, powertrain, technological configuration and interior details, which highlight its internationally-standard high end and sense of quality. The launching of EXEED high-end product family marks the advent of Chery strategy 3.0 product officially, as well as its start to accelerate Chery’s global strategy into European and American markets.

As an A+ class SUV, EXEED TX has the dimensions (L*W*H) of 4664*1872*1685 mm and the wheelbase of 2697mm, which are higher than those of Chery’s all existing SUV models available in market, thereby guaranteeing its spacious in-vehicle space.

One of EXEED TX’s highlights is that it is Chery’s first product with AI (Artificial Intelligence), indicating that Chery keeps ahead of the counterparts in the application of artificial intelligence. In the man-machine interaction system, EXEED TX is provided with the latest artificial intelligent in-vehicle interactive system developed jointly by Chery and Baidu to realize such functions as intelligent voice interaction, intelligent online navigation, face identification, interconnected entertainment, etc., which can control air conditioner, navigation and entertainment system via voice, and also can control the vehicle through intelligent home equipment and mobile phone to realize “emotional” interaction between automobile and people, thereby making automobile into an interactive “partner”.

EXEED TX’s integral modelling and interior and exterior design completely demonstrate Chery’s design concept of “Life in Motion”. Its impressive front face LED light strip is connected with its long and narrow I-type headlight through the dragon-scale-like air-inlet grille, just like the resplendent diamonds glaring in waves, which promotes sense of technology and proportion of the vehicle, and becomes the brand mark of Chery’s family design. Its body line looks extremely dynamic. Its waistline uses two-stage design. By use of the changes of body line, such as convergence, uptrend, etc., its body profiles are smoothly transitional. All these reflect its spirituality and dynamic of upgrade version H.D.S, rhythmic beauty of streamline body modelling and cultural image of “perfection like water”.

The conformity with global aesthetic standard is the most essential requirement for the development in accordance with global standard. EXEED TX’s modelling design conforms with international aesthetic trend and displays dynamic self-confident oriental esthetics, which converts the conservative or clonal stereotype image of Chinese automobile.
EXEED TX’s appearance looks “stunning”, while the interior’s delicacy and “heartbeat” are the continuation of Chery’s design style. Inside the vehicle is large-area high-quality Nappa leather and Alcantara fabric. Its black chromium-plating decoration details display the aesthetics of modern art, with extreme sense of quality and visual impact, which create high-quality superb sensual pleasures for the driver. Its gear-shifting knob, on a par with that of such deluxe brands as BMW, Benz, etc., can bring you pleasant sense of touch and vision, and can meet consumers’ demands of experience for its interior’s individuation, sense of technology and sense of high grade.

EXEED TX’s up-to-date suspended 10" console display screen + 7" colored liquid crystal instrument, and flat-bottomed mobile steering wheel, electronic gear lever, multi-media touch knob, etc. highlight its technology and fashionable dynamic style, and give EXEED TX the excelsior vehicle-making connotation. Three physical buttons for air conditioner control are provided with the color display function to display status and time of air conditioner, which reflect the designer’s pursuit for humanized design and focus on the details, so the vehicle looks deluxe.

EXEED TX’s modelling and interior/exterior design are favored at your first sight. The excellent power performance can realize your dream for driving at will. As Chery’s first model with 1.6TGDI+7DCT “platinum-level” power combination, EXEED TX has reached a new level in its power performance and maneuverability. EXEED TX’s 1.6TGDI engine is Chery’s third-generation high-performance engine, with maximum power of 190-218 horsepower and peak torque of 275-320N•m. Its power performance is on a par with that of 3.0L six-cylinder naturally aspirated engine. Its main performance indicators are on a par with that of international deluxe brand engines at the same segment. With 7-speed dual-clutch transmission and professional tuning, EXEED TX can complete 0-100 m acceleration within 10 seconds.

Besides the excellent power performance, EXEED TX’s fuel efficiency and emission performance are extremely excellent. According to the test, EXEED TX’s engine, with the comprehensive fuel consumption per 100 kilometers of less than 6.6L, is China’s first direct-injection engine to reach China VI emission standard, and its exhaust particles emission reaches industrially leading level. These indicators lay a solid foundation for EXEED TX’s entry into European and American markets.

Besides the conventional power models, EXEED TX has a new energy version, PHEV version with two modes: hybrid electric mode and pure electric mode. Under the pure electric mode, its maximum speed is up to 120KM/H, and it can complete the quick charge of 80% electric quantity within 30 minutes, and can be fully charged within 4 hours under the normal state.

EXEED TX is designed in accordance with five-star safety standard. In the passive safety sector, EXEED TX uses the stamping process of advanced high-strength steel, 6 gasbags and unique 3R body structure, which gathers the advantages of high rigidity and lightweight to guarantee its five-star collision safety standard. In the active safety sector, EXEED TX uses a series of industrially-leading top-level active safety technologies, including active anti-collision system, road deviation alarming, 360 ° panoramic high-definition image monitoring system, driver fatigue testing, blind-spot monitoring, speed limit, etc.

A remarkable characteristic that EXEED TX is developed in accordance with global standard is its development based on Chery’s latest M3X high-end platform. M3X platform is Chery’s high-performance platform with globally-leading vendor systems such as ContiTech, Bentler, Conti, etc. The products conform with global quality standards including European standard. M3X platform is compatible with coupe and SUV models, and can develop conventional power and plug-in hybrid electric vehicle models. Its expandable flexible bandwidth contributes to realizing Chery’s trans-brand strategy layout. So to speak, EXEED TX is a high-quality product based on the advanced platform technology.

With the long-term strategy of “creating internationally first-class brand”, Chery has been sparing no effort over the years to create EXEED TX in accordance with “global standard”, and launched EXEED TX on such an international A-class vehicle exhibition known as the highest technological degree and the most professional requirements, and knocked at the door of European market with its self-confidence in Chery’s and China’s brand. No doubt, EXEED TX is given its extraordinary strategic status. It is learned that the model is to be launched in 2018. Let’s wait and see its global market performance.