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Heavily-equipped Chery Vehicle Glitters in
2017 Shanghai Auto Show

Along with the opening of the 2017 Shanghai Auto Show in the global largest exposition complex in China on Apr. 19, Chery glitters in the show in the spirit of “Endless splendidness, leader in future” with its nine new models of Arrizo, Tiggo and new energy models, 14 cars, as well as two powertrains. Concerning luxurious vehicles, the new generation Tiggo 5 globally launched first time and the “Tiggo Coupe concept SUV” expressing the manufacturing ideas for future is really a focus of eyes attraction.


supported by platform technique, helped by intelligent networking, upgraded in its 2.0 product series

The firstly-launched new-generation Tiggo 5 globally overshines all the Chery vehicles in this show. It’s the second model created by Chery through forward development and relying on the SUV specialized platform and the platform for T1X. As a mass-produced model of the concept β of Chery, the new-generation Tiggo 5 is designed by the international team of CTCS, which inherits the design philosophy “life in motion” of Chery and mirrors the elements of younger, fashionable and dynamics in the aspects of modelling, appearance and interior trimming design. Thanks to the black technologies adopted by Chery such as the latest generation intelligent internetworking technology and intelligent voice recognition technology, an up-to-date level of Chery has been reflected.

As for platform technology, currently Chery is the sole Chinese car marker possessing “double platforms “products. The T1X platform in producing Tiggo 7 is a specialized SUV platform developed by the “Great Chery” international R&D team, combining with the technologies of Jaguar, Land Rover and Qoros, as well as the first Chinese domestic self-developed platform for mass-produced model, which features leading, pioneering and strategic superiorities. However, the M1X platform is the first sedan platform forward developed by Chery, which will support the development and production of Chery’s A and A+ class sedan in the years ahead. Moreover, it will prolong its support for the lineup of 7-seat MPV, hybrid and EV etc.

The innovative strength in engine technology is always the “outstanding technique” of Chery. Chery has presented two powertrains of E4T15C + 48V and EV respectively. The first one is the traditional power engine self-developed by Chery, equipped with light hybrid powertrain. It’s characterized by higher idling start-stop, gliding energy collection, intelligent human-machine interaction, individually settings as well as quickly serving multiple vehicle platforms. The overall technical property has reached international advanced standard.
In respect of the intelligent networking technology in leading the development of vehicle, Chery is currently sparing no efforts in developing the next-generation autopilot technology and the intelligent networking technology backed by the “black technology” such as the over-the-horizon-detection V2X techniques (a joint name for the vehicle-vehicle, vehicle-traffic facility and vehicle-human communication), eyeball tracking, facial recognition and AR, based on its self-driving car and the intelligent networking techniques like the vehicle-mounted networking developed successively before. Thus, Chery will build a new ecology of intelligent moving and travel centering on the experience of users. The “black technology”, according to the plan, will be gradually applied to the products of Chery before 2020 through mass production.


A leading self-developed property comparable to JV

Chery aims to become a time-honored car manufacturer contesting with foreign brands in the market across the world through the content-based development in upgraded quality and brands. All the 2.0 series of products of Chery in the show all passed the C-NCAP-a five-star level safety collision standard. Among, Arrizo 5 tops all the sedans in China’s branded cars of A segment with a mark of 56.24 since the implementation of the new standard C-NCAP in 2015. Tiggo 7 has conducted a world’s first “public chain rear-end collision test”, the results show it far exceeds the standards.

Excellent quality comes from system assurance. Now, Chery has set up a complete set of flawless system flow, built an integrated double matrix development management mode between the “ten specialized lines “and the “five product lines”, formed a “V” flow for the development of vehicle and implemented a globally integrated CPS and TPM, which lays a foundation for manufacturing high quality products and establishing superior brand.
Concerning design quality, Chery follows the idea of “life in motion”. The models like Tiggo 7 and new-generation Tiggo 5 and so on have fully absorbed younger style and won international prizes many times. Among, the TX concept vehicle-the proto type of Tiggo 7 ever got the solo design awarded of Geneva auto show in 2012.


Aims to become a mobile name card of China through improved brand

During the period of the show, over 200 overseas distributors and nearly 30 mainstream media around the world will flood into the booth of Chery in the show to experience the technical achievements of Chery. In addition, along with the establishment of constantly-increased overseas bases for Chery, more and more foreigners have been recruited by the group to be its senior executives and R&D group. It’s just an obvious character for a trans-national enterprise.

According to the overview for the booth of Chery in the show, Chery comprehensively embodies its achievements and accumulation over the past two decades in technology, quality and internalization and the like, with the 2.0 new-generation products equipped with all-new engine, platform technology, core powertrain, new energy technology and intelligent technology etc. In future, Chery will persist in the enterprise vision of “originally build a superior brand”, constantly integrate global resources with innovative thinking, lift brand competitiveness and strive for the strategic objectives to ultimately building a world-class brand of China.