ISG hybrid integrates the world's top automotive design concept, with Chery's latest technical achievement "ISG moderate hybrid system", which brings the customers a fully new driving experience of small displacement, low fuel consumption and high power . With "more energy efficient, more environmentally friendly, more secure" as the concept of moderate Chery hybrid system, equipped with a self-developed engine and transmission, and ISG motor that integrates with electric generation and electric drive functions and the safe and reliable NiMH battery, through hybrid, can significantly reduce the vehicle's fuel consumption and emissions, while increasing vehicle power and comfort.


Compared with conventional vehicles, an increase in structure 16KW motor, 144V high-voltage nickel-metal hydride batteries, HCU controller, hybrid cooling system components; the function has two power sources, engines and motors. Hybrid vehicle controller (HCU) needs to determine the working mode and torque distribution according to the vehicle running condition and torque demand ,thus decide to work in the power generation or electric motor mode, and can adjust the engine operating point.