In Chinese, Cowin (Qi Yun) means a kind of cloud on the top of the Mount Everest, which is called as Qi Yun because of its flag-like shape. Cowin represents the peak, and also embodies the height of achievement. Cowin is a popular trustworthy car brand among all brands of Chery, is the creator of a happy life, and provides the consumers with affordable and trustworthy car products by taking “practice, family and trust” as its connotation. Cowin has been highly praised for its durability, economy and practicability after 10 years’ competition in the market, and are highly recognized and welcomed by the consumers. In the past, Cowin was the terminator of the era when the cars under joint-venture brands were sold at high price with low configuration. Now Cowin is the leader among domestic brands. In the future, Cowin will become the creator of a happy life.