RIICH (a new generation of mid-and-high level mini-bus) fuses the latest Mini-MPV design concepts of the world. With its streamline body and its big, cute delta-shaped face, RIICH starts a new style of mini-bus body design. It is fashionable, smart and gentle, transforming the old serious and unsophisticated image of mini-buses. With its small and cute body, it can easily travel across the busy and crowded urban areas. Its integral crystal headlamps look like a pair of big and lovable eyes and is integrated with the smoothness of its overall design, creating a beautiful scene for the modern metropolis. In the aspect of technologies, RIICH carries Chery's ACTECO 1.3L engine at the front for drive purpose. It is manufactured by means of the sedan production technology and enjoys safety, manoeuvrability, comfort and dynamic features superior to those of ordinary mini-buses. As regards the internal arrangement, RIICH features sedan-styled interior trimmings and instrument. Similar to ordinary mini-buses, its seats can be combined for flexible space. It can be arranged as a 5-seat or a 7-seat sedan. Besides, its two rear rows of seats can be folded completely to create a van type truck.