Technical principle:

common rail fuel injection system is mainly composed of HP fuel supply system, HP fuel rail, fuel injector per cylinder, HP fuel pump and electronic control unit (ECU). HP fuel pump and fuel transfer pump are integrated as a whole to save space. HP fuel pump can provide fuel with the pressure up to 1,600 bar or above, which enters into the fuel rail first. The fuel rail is actually an accumulator with a certain size and can operate under high pressure. The pressure of fuel from the HP fuel pump is fluctuating. The pressure of the fuel rail can be kept at 1,600 bar through buffering action of the fuel rail and the fuel can be distributed in four fuel injectors via HP fuel pipe. For further stable operation of the engine, the whole fuel injection system adopts the working mode consisting of pre-injection, main injection and post-injection to realize fuel re-injection during combustion and reduce the temperature of combustion gas in the cylinder, thus effectively reducing the generation of NOx, meanwhile, the engine operates more stably and noise is effectively controlled.

Technical characteristics:
Increase engine stability and obviously increase power and torque; 
High cost and the core technology is monopolized by foreign enterprises.
Application in Chery:
1.0DTI, 1.9DTI, 3.0DTI;