Technical principle:

a wide angle of valve overlap is required to achieve full inflation when the engine runs at high speed. However, the valve overlap should be decreased accordingly to achieve emission reduction when the engine runs at idle speed; It is CVVT in case of continuous variable valve timing; It is single VVT if only intake air is controlled; It is double VVT or D-VVT if both intake valve and exhaust valve are controlled; It is VVT+VIS if there is variable plastic intake pipe installed;
Technical characteristics:
Increase the power while greatly enhancing fuel economy (approx. 10%); High requirements on fuel product
Application in Chery:
0.8VVT, 1.0VVT, 1.3VVT 1.5VVT, 1.6VVT, 1.8VVT、 2.0VVT, 3.0VVT, 3.5VVT