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In domestic market, Chery innovates the marketing mode characterized with network marketing. In this way, it not only strengths the control capacity of the market, but avoid unfair competition and internal friction in resource, moreover, it greatly enhance the ability in marketing services, enlarges Chery’s marketing network, so that Chery's marketing network can cover both the developed towns and undeveloped counties, thus, it lays a solid foundation for yearly fast promotion in Chery's marketing; advocate both development in quality and service, stimulate brand leap, realize three strategic aims of "brand leap, quality leap and service leap"; by building Chery brand, while standardize the core information for product, deliver product positioning and its selling points to customers, it also benefits the customer in clearly finding out suitable products according to their own needs among complex automobile market.

Chery gradually establishes and perfects the after sales service system which is to "enhance customer satisfaction as the goal" and its service network covering 31 provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities at home. The intensive service network enables Chery's after service more timely and quickly, which helps to create "more convenient, cheaper and more satisfied" reputation for Chery's service.