New Tiggo released at SIA Kiev, competitive models are main force of Chery

At the 20th SIA International Motor Show running from May 23 to 27, 2012, Chery showed up with a strong lineup, attracting attention from the audience and media as one of the biggest highlights.


New Tiggo enters Ukraine


On SIA Kiev, Chery announced the launch of New Tiggo in Ukraine in high profile, releasing the sales price and customer service policy of New Tiggo. The model enjoys all-round advantages such as dynamic and trendy appearance, strong power, humanized technological equipment, great safety and capacious space. Remarkably, the five-year 120,000-kilometer warranty is a great temptation to local consumers. Among Chery’s other models on show were A3, E5, Cowin 2 2012 and Riich X1 AT.


It is easy to see from the event that Chery has further transited to export competitive models in recent years, with its product structure enhanced and optimized constantly. Chery’s high-tech and high-value-added models have predominated its export. Take Tiggo for example, in the first four months of this year, Chery sold 18,535 Tiggo units, up 39.3 percent year on year, ranking first among Chery’s export models and contributing 35.5 percent of Chery’s total exports. Exports of competitive models including Tiggo, A3 and Fulwin 2 have accounted for over 70 percent of total exports. The successive release of competitive model series will be main force for Chery to compete with its peers and further develop its customers.



Ukraine, Chery’s “aircraft carrier” for developing Eastern European market

Spectacular SIA Kiev 2012 has been wrapped up, but Chery’s brilliant performance in Ukraine has just begun. After six years’ development, Chery’s passenger vehicles have been among the most popular imported vehicles owing to their trendy design and affordable prices. Chery’s quality has been fully proved by over 70,000 Ukrainian consumers, with its influence, service response and service satisfaction enhanced gradually. In the future, Chery will, on the basis of localized production and targeted development, plan products in interaction with Ukrainian consumers to get closer to consumers’ actual demands.


Chery not only boasts a mature vehicle sales network, but also cements cooperation with distributors in localized production and makes use of local auxiliary production systems, thus achieving a localization rate of over 50 percent. With the production base in Ukraine as the center, Chery not only supplies vehicles to Ukraine, but also partly enters markets such as Russia and Kazakhstan and lays a solid foundation for marching into the rest of Eastern Europe.