"2012 Chery New Tiggo Introduction" held in Ukrain

Chery renews efforts to develop Ukrainian market, new strategic model becomes new market highlight 


With the gradual intensification of the competition in Ukrainian auto market, automakers have mapped out respective strategies. Chinese leading passenger vehicle brand Chery has also made moves frequently. After exhibiting its key models at Kiev International Motor Show, Chery delivered “2012 Chery New Tiggo Introduction” in the suburbs of Kiev on July 11, 2012, increasing the market penetration of New Tiggo and enhancing Chery’s brand influence in Ukraine.

For this event, Chery invited journalists of the main streams of local media and representatives of key distributors in Ukraine, to make more Ukraine consumers know Chery and its new products through personal experience sharing by senior journalists. At the presentation, Chery introduced its strength, blueprint and the highlights of New Tiggo. The ensuing media test drive offered journalists an opportunity to personally experience the outstanding performance of New Tiggo and the charm of the new SUV model.

New Tiggo  to ignite passion of Ukraine consumers
New Tiggo was previously announced to be launched at Kiev International Motor Show. The key SUV model in Chery’s fine series for the global market accords with the consumption concept of Ukrainian consumers with a fashionable exterior, a flexible interior, the coziness of cars and the high traffic ability of SUVs. Combined with its properties of safety and fuel conservation, as well as the quality created by passing durability tests on roads with a total length of 210,000 kilometers and 273 other tests in different conditions, New Tiggo is drawing more attention from and gaining more popularity among Ukrainian consumers. According to sources, New Tiggo cars have arrived at distribution stores in Ukraine and been poised for terminal sale.

Chery’s official sources said Chery will put more resources in Ukraine to further improve its capabilities of marketing and customer service. For instance, the warranty policy of “120,000 kilometers/5 years(whichever comes first)” targeting New Tiggo customers will bring more practical benefit for Ukrainian consumers.
Automakers scramble for Ukrainian market, Chery outshines other Chinese passenger vehicle makers
The Ukrainian auto consumption market is not yet mature enough. However, Ukrainian consumers’ soaring enthusiasm about automobiles has led to the continuous rise in auto sales in Ukraine, and the huge potential of the local auto market has spurred global automakers to take the opportunity to scramble for the market. As a Chinese leading Independent passenger vehicle maker, Chery entered the Ukrainian auto market early in 2006 and found favor with local consumers by fashionable appearance, reliable quality and high cost effectiveness. So far, Chery has sold over 70,000 units in Ukraine, enjoying a safe lead over Chinese independent automakers. For sure, Chery intends to maintain the lead with the successive launch of new competitive models including New Tiggo.