Research on autonomous driving technologies

Jointly developed L4 EQ autonomous vehicle with Baidu, which was demonstrated on urban road in Wuzhen. (2016 World Internet Conference)

  • Active steering
  • Power supply system
  • Hardware platform
  • Active braking
  • Light hom linear control
  • Throttle Stall linear control
  • Sensor perception system

Research on intelligent connectivity technologies


V2X smart city

Based on DSRC/LTE/5G

To achieve intersection collision warning, rear end collision warning, traffic signal recognition , etc. Greatly enhance the intelligence of vehicle and integrate V2X and smart city

Intelligent cockpit

Next generation of intelligent cockpit

Utilizing virtualization technology to achieve interactive multi screen displays,

Seamless connection with other platforms through interactive technologies

Facial recognition+ Eye-tracking

Real time capture driver’s status, direction of eyes, position of head, movement of eyes, etc.Determine whether driver is at risk, and driver will be warned by the seat vibration.

AR+voice control+gesture recognition

AR, voice and gesture recognition, and other technologies make human-machine interaction better. Users can communicate with cars like a conversation with people.

Lightweight Technology

New Super Lightweight Technology Platform

The world's first mass-produced all aluminum space architecture technology platform,rival Jaguar Land Rover in terms of technical advancement ,"Full composite outer covering”,same as BMW PE carbon fiber technology performance.