On August, 2018, a post titled "Chery Global Fan Festival Recruitment" published on Chery's social media drew global attention. Chery drivers posting Chery-related photos of him or his family on social media will win the ultimate award: a trip to China if they are lucky enough. The simple and convenient form of contribution attracted Chery drivers worldwide. As of the deadline, Chery has received nearly 700 contributions and the most popular one got 4,800 "likes", showing the great participation enthusiasm of Chery drivers.

Let's check it out.

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In September, my adventure has just begun.
For two years, my Chery Tiggo is still as good as I first drove it. I am very happy that it changed my life and grew up with my children.
My son is almost 3 years old, I have driven Tiggo7 for about 3000km. So far everything is fine.
I firmly believe that everything can be realized through efforts and hard work, so now I own my Chery car.
Chery Tiggo is so suitable for family trip and our preference is black.