Bright exterior
Technological interior trimmings
Modernized design
Lightweight technology
Transmission with steady acceleration performance


Intake grille

The wide and delicate black horizontal intake grilles are kept harmoniously with the chrome-plated decorations at the bottom, featuring a concise streamlined design and able to guarantee sufficient intake and improve the fuel economy.

Front bumper

In case of high-speed impacts, the bumper can effectively absorb and slow down such external impacts, protect the front safety and naturally combine with the bodywork to show you its integral design.


On the whole, the headlamps introduce three-dimensional combination lamp holders unique in style, the inner chrome-plated ornament rings boast exquisite workmanship and modeling, the bases use the processing technology of blackening, and the headlamps can provide high-brightness high and low-beam lighting as well as LED light band clearance lamps to give an all-round clear vision for driving so that the safety could be greatly improved.

Daytime running lamps

The vertical LED headlamps can intensify lighting effects forward. Moreover, its vertical diamond-shaped lampshade can give us a richer stereoscopic impression with the dazzling white light like a flash of lightning in the process of driving to show eruptive energy, velocity and passion.

Side window

The side windows are well matched with the upper and lower vision coverage in the front to fully satisfy the requirements for ergonomic comfort.

Multifunctional LED taillight

The segment-based LED taillights run through the whole rear like a band, featuring smooth, stereoscopic, high-end and fashionable modeling; besides, the massively-equipped LED lamps can show an extremely richer sense of science and technology, featuring excellent identifiability and outstanding beauty; moreover, the lamp can have a service life as long as 10000 hours and the LED brake lamps boast quick response, able to improve the safety of the complete vehicle.


Style for interior design

The sweet and elegant bi-color design with the upper part dominated by the dark grey can avoid visual fatigue due to reflection of the sunlight; however, the lower part is cream-colored, which can bring you a sense of brightness and spaciousness. The overall interior design features smooth lines, exquisite local features, attractive delicacy and sufficient generosity, so that you could enjoy a comfortable space for driving and riding.

Steering wheel

The high-quality leather material can bring you extraordinarily smart feeling, the multi-function switch buttons equipped onboard can have complete functions available, such as instrument forward/next, bluetooth, cruise, sound and backlight, so that the ergonomic comfort could be greatly improved.


The 3D-modelled speedometer dashboard can give you a strong sense of science and technology as well as a sense of kinetic performance by means of its surrounding silver trimmings. Moreover, the red figures and white through pointers have the vehicle functions integrated with the display of the information status, able to be read easily, so that the vehicle could be ensured running in good conditions.


The concise console outlined by vertical lines has its information display reasonably matched with the operating buttons and all control actions can be easily completed within your reach, so the operations can be more conveniently and accurately available to make your driving more joyfully and let you enjoy the convenience and efficiency by virtue of science and technology.

Anti-glare internal rearview mirror

When shined by the lamplight of the following cars, the rearview mirror can absorb and cut down strong light reflection, and prevent the strong light dazzling the driver's eyes, so that the glare could be effectively lowered down to increase the safety of driving.

Front seats

The seats feature perfect streamlining in accordance with the ergonomic principle, which can not only provide you a comfortable ride but also a perfectly-matched surrounding structure to offer a steady support for the driver in case of sharp turns and bumpy roads.


The headrest is so considerately designed that it can buffer your head and neck in case of impacts to achieve very good effects for auxiliary protection.



The powerful and sensitive 2.0DVVT all-aluminum engine is leading and topping the world in the technology of variable valve timing control systems. The engine introduces a double variable intake and exhaust timing control system, so that the intake and exhaust camshafts could have their individual phase angles adjusted respectively according to different requirements for working phases subject to different engine speed and load settings to have the engine maximize its performance at each speed and load, featuring such excellent properties as a lower speed for a larger torque and a higher speed for a higher power to guarantee abundant power performance, reliable safety, comfortable driving, maximal efficiency and perfect environmental performance of the complete vehicle.

CVT transmission

The overall CVT structure is simple, with the parts only two-thirds of the conventional AT. The latest generation of Bosch driving steel belt is applied to have the fuel economy of the complete vehicle obviously superior to that of the conventional AT. The CVT can use the speed ratio feedback to achieve its gear ratio by controlling the pressure of the input belt wheel, so the speed can be changed smoothly in a continuous manner, free of shifting shock, and it can offer excellent performance in acceleration and climbing, with the engine kept working within its optimal working range, at the same time, the CVT can provide 7-speed manual and snowfield driving modes, so that the driver could sufficiently enjoying driving and controlling.
The CVT equipped on MAXIME won China’s “Automotive Industry Science and Technology Awards” in 2013.

NVH quiet space

A quiet and comfortable experience in the process of driving can be available based on Chery’s NVH laboratory and a complete set of auto NVH development process covering the NVH performance test of the complete vehicles, white bodies, individual subsystems and parts.


All-metal enclosed unitary construction body

The whole vehicle body framework is stamped with steel plates different in thickness after laser welding, with modular side walls, built-in high-strength structural parts in doors and a reinforced B-column structure introduced for its lateral protection to guarantee reasonable distribution of the impact in all directions in time of collisions and maximize the safety of the occupants.

ABS+EBD braking system

ABS:It can ensure that the vehicle won’t sideslip or drift in time of braking and steering, so as to improve the comfort, controllability and safety in time of emergency braking;
EBD:The braking force of the front and rear wheels can be timely changed according to different stress of the front and rear wheels, so as to eliminate the sideslip due to braking force difference and shorten the braking distance.

Front double SRS (supplementary restraint system)

The seamless structural design fully shows excellent conciseness and outstanding beauty; when the vehicle suffers from front impacts, the SRS can be normally triggered to inflate in no time based on judgment of the reduction ratio sensor to effectively protect the driver's head and chest.

Reversing radar

In time of parking, the rear radar can detect obstacles behind the car and give instrument display and sound alarms to enable you to park more easily and safely.


Air conditioner

The electric air-conditioning system is available for the driver, front passenger and rear passengers to select the temperature and airflow mode as they like, able to create a comfortable interior environment.

Central locking

All doors and windows can be simultaneously controlled by means of the switch installed on the driver's door to greatly improve the use convenience and driving safety.

Extra Trunk Loading Space

With 2240 Liter trunk space, you can efficiently carry more life interest, living joys ,career and business opportunities.

Enough onboard storage places

The ergonomics-oriented 24 storage places considerately designed can fully satisfy your various requirements.


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