Dynamic styling
Flexible spacious interior space
Safety care all the way
User-Friendly technology care



The multi-layer division inside, the eagle-like black headlights and barrel-shaped lens perfectly intensify the graceful, refined and overwhelming feeling. The individualized light brow leads the fashion and controls the coverage of headlights, so as to prevent flaring lights and improve safety in night drive. (The brightness is increased from 1,800 lm to 2,500 lm).The headlight level can be manually adjusted to the best coverage, ensuring clear vision and reliable safety.

Front grille

The peltate air inlet grille and reverse trapezoid lower grille made of piano-black materials highlight the dynamic feature, ensure sufficient air inflow and improve the engine cooling and fuel efficiency.

Front fog light

Large black fog light area plus projection round front fog light effectively remind vehicles in front in rain, fog and evening with relatively poor visibility.The upper LED daytime running light appears rigid and dynamic, graceful and noble.


Changeable space enables coziness and spacious room

Tiggo 3 boasts a H.E. cozy inside through CHERYSMA system; TPV environmental-friendly cabin enjoys a unique 1,030 mm head space and a 550-1,800 L extended rear space, providing you with extreme comfort. Changeable space enables coziness and spacious room.


The round black dashboard with the blue background light creates its dynamic and fashionable characteristics.The multi-function LED indicates fuel consumption and maintenance state, providing instant information and easy operation.

Anti-glare internal mirrors

When the incident light from vehicles behind exceeds the limited intensity, the anti-glare interior and exterior rear-view mirrors will reduce reflection, so as to effectively reduce the glare and ensure safety.

Adjustable headrest

The headrest effectively supports the head and neck to reduce fatigue during driving, and buffers collision in case of any danger. It can be adjusted accordingly to make the drive more relaxing and comfortable.The adjustable headrest for the middle rear seat is rarely seen among parity models.


Engine performance

Tiggo 3 2.0DVVT light and efficient engine is developed on the outstanding ACTECO platform, and equipped with integrated double independently-controlled VVT, which enables simultaneous control of air inlet and outlet, featuring slow rotation for a large torque and fast rotation for high power. Through controlling the gasoline and air mixture in the combustion chamber of the engine, it realizes the most appropriate air-fuel ratio, so as to improve idle stability and greater comfort.

Transmission: CVT

The efficient and extraordinarily stable Chamonix 7-speed CVT can offer smooth operation and outstanding fuel efficiency, together with perfect experience in gear shifting. Perfect matching with the engine enables less brake wear and better driving performance on steep mountainous paths. The CVT can meet the driving requirements on different roads, including its 7-speed manual mode and snow mode.

Superior suspension

Front Macpherson independent suspension.Its small space occupation and efficient buffering of impacts from pavements can jointly improve the comfort during driving.Its front suspension shock absorption tower is equipped with a 2mm stabilizer bar on the top, which can improve the rigidity of the front body and the maneuverability of the complete vehicle.Rear double-link independent suspension: Veridical drag double wishbone independent suspension and stabilizer bar are adopted. Such suspension not only occupies a small space, but provides higher driving smoothness, favorable ground adhesive force, best operating accuracy and driving comfort in driving, and even better loading performance.


The C.N.C. noise reduction technology, through improving body tightness and sound insulation material, optimizing engine suspension and emission system,reduces NVH by 3-4 dB, improves sound intelligibility by 4%, and effectively increases the noise reduction performance of the complete vehicle, so as to offer better experience for you and your family in outing.

High trafficability

The 190 mm minimum ground clearance can fully meet the requirement for driving on some complicated roads. The maximum gradeability can be increased from 42.5% to 45.3% to improve the practicality in off-road driving.


Metal enclosed & integral body

Its metal enclosed & integral body is stamped and welded by high-strength galvanized steel sheets. A buffer zone is arranged respectively at the front and rear of the body to absorb shocks arisen from collision. Its crushable steel beam can effectively absorb and distribute the front and rear collision energy, providing effective protection for driver and passengers.

Braking system

The front wheel ventilation disc brake and rear wheel solid disc brake system provides even brake force distribution, faster heat dissipation, smaller weight and stabler braking effect.


ABS (Anti-lock braking system): It can avoid wheel locking at the right moment to maintain the directional control and maximize the braking effect in case of emergency.

EBD (Electronic brake distribution): It can further automatically detect the difference of front and rear wheels in ground adhesive force, so as to allocate the most appropriate braking force and ensure your safety in all road conditions.

Excellent front view

Its height (1,705 mm) and minimum ground clearance (190 mm) can provide a better front view; moreover, its low and smooth engine hood and adjustable driver’s seat can jointly provide a wider view and narrower blind area during driving, so as to improve safety.

Three-point safety belt

The pre-tightening device can instantly tighten the safety belt, with the passenger held in the seat to prevent injury in case of acceleration,emergency brake and collision, and provide high sensitiveness and sufficient reliability.
Seat belt unfastened reminder :
It is a humanized design to remind passenger to fasten the seat belt.


Cruise control

The cruise control is used to reduce any potential safety hazards in long-distance driving. The constant-speed mode can be used in high-speed driving to release fatigue, save fuel and improve safety in long-distance driving.

Reversing radar

It can sense the position of obstacles more accurately, able to improve convenience and safety in parking.

Automatic constant-temperature air-conditioning system

Automatic temperature identification and free temperature control – The system can automatically reach the temperature as set in the shortest time to provide fresh air all the way; its environmental-friendly refrigerant can meet strict requirements for environment protection to create a green environment and bring you considerate comfort during driving.

Hydraulic power steering

Easy control, swift steering and high servo accuracy.

Rich storage spaces inside

The complete vehicle is provided with up to 21 storage spaces to meet your requirements and enable higher space use.


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