Quality comfort
Free combination of spaces
Powerful DVVT engine
Remarkable driving safety
Utmost driving joy


Smiling Angel multi-level front face shaping

The overall shape is calculated in detail according to speed and net weight of the car as the best interpretation of scientific design. Wind resistance parameter is lowered through creation of turbulence to reduce fuel consumption, and increase car speed and stability of the car during its traveling as perfect combination of beauty and practicality.

Lenticular headlights

Center console panel adopts the bright surface material of black piano paint. Chrome-plated mouldings are increased at the knobs, covers and other places to increase textual sense. The center console panel introduces the S-shape as traditional Chinese auspicious patterns. Favorable meaning is contained in grace and fashion.

Hydrodynamic surfacing (H.D.S)

Inspired by flowing water, smart and light, dynamic and beautiful, with smooth and elegant lines concentrating in hard car body, both rigid and soft in an integrated whole.

360°Dead-zone-free LED rearview mirror

The rearview mirrors adopt “droplets” design elements, making the overall modelling mellow and dynamic. Side turn signal light features four distinctively-designed LED lights, making other cars see the movements of your car from any angle and giving you a safe driving experience.

17-inch aluminum alloy wheel

The appearance of the 17-inch aluminum alloy wheels is simple and dynamic. When driving, the silver line passes like light footsteps.

Fashionable LED taillights & high brake lights

The taillight at the back and the high brake lights are equipped with 20 LED lights arranged as the C shape from the word “CHERY”, full of senses of technology and giving the cars behind more distinctive safety reminders. It also shows the dynamics of Chery 5 and deduces the new dynamics of the city at the same time.


Fashionable and textual master’s interior design

The interior trim adopts wing style as an ingenious design full of leveled sense. Human design throughout aims to meet not only the most picky eye but quality living pursuit.

H.E comfortable interior environment

A car is another home, which is our conception in designing interior environment. In interior design and arrangement, we try our best to provide home comfort and warmth. That is the truth of the humanized configuration for brand-new Tiggo 5.

TPV nontoxic environment-friendly cockpit

Smooth wing-shaped center console adopts nontoxic environment-friendly interior material from the largest independent auto parts supplier in the world. The material is environment-friendly, nontoxic, healthy in air and free from awful odor.

Smooth wing-shaped fashionable console panel

The entire design appears fashionable, graceful and very distinctive in level.

Double barrel-shaped dashboard

Double barrel-shaped instruments with chrome-plated trim at the outer edges, dynamic and technological like a sports car.

Ergonomic leather seats

The seats adopt 3D wrapping fabric woven with geometric patterns. The wrapping material is soft and comfortable. It also adopts ventilating leather material. Tiggo 5 applies much ergonomic design, covering softness of the seat padding, supporting strength of the seatbacks, as well as width and length of seat cushions to relieve driving fatigue as much as possible.


DVVT+7CVT golden powertrain

Efficient and reliable 2.0DVVT light all-aluminum engine provides full power, while lowering energy consumption. Efficient and ultra-stable Chamonix 7CVT has smoother gearshift. The soft and silky gear shift feeling every pleasant operation for you.

2.0DVVT light and efficient all-aluminum engine

DVVT technology adopts double independently controlled variable valve timing system, optimize timing of the distribution for the intake and exhaust camshafts, improve power and fuel efficiency of the engine at all speeds, and reduce emission of exhaust.

Efficient and ultra-stable Chamonix 7CVT

Smooth gearshift: Smooth start; smooth acceleration and deceleration with small loss of power for smoothness and comfort of the car under all driving conditions. Excellent power: It can make the engine run within the maximum power area, ensure small loss of power during speed variation, and make full use of engine power with excellent acceleration and power performance. Fuel efficiency: It can make the engine run within the best cost-efficient area, ensure little loss of transmission power, and achieve remarkable fuel efficiency. Reliability: It adopts the latest generation of steel belt for transmission from Bosch. The key parts are supplied by suppliers with strong technological strength both at home and abroad with excellent quality and reliability.

S.W steady-platform SUV chassis system

On basis of SUV stable platform-based chassis system, it can conduct design, optimization and matching in consideration of SUV features, and perfectly unify operation and comfort. No matter in cities or countryside, highly mobile and multi-road-condition compact chassis design can ensure smooth travel of brand-new Tiggo 5 and flexibly respond to all road conditions.

Front MacPherson independent suspension & rear dual-link independent suspension

Front MacPherson independent suspension & rear vertical trailer independent suspension can buffer shocks from the roads, provide you with the best riding comfort among the similar cars, and improve entire reliability of the chassis.

European high-standard fine chassis adjustment

Advanced EPS E-powered steering system supported by high-standard fine chassis adjustment project can ensure remarkable traction for free operation performance of brand-new Tiggo 5.

High passing performamce

Up to 190mm chassis-ground gap makes Tiggo 5 have high passing performance and calmly cope with all kinds of bumpy roads.


Seven-in-one fully intelligent safety driving system

More complete safety comes from more compete safety arrangement. Brand-new Tiggo 5 is equipped with seven-in-one intelligent safety driving system (ABS+EBD+ESP+ASR+HHC+EBA+DTC) and many other exceeding active safety equipments to make the nearly perfect safety performance more intelligent and complete for complete safety throughout the your trip.

Matrix energy-absorbing light Body (M.E.C)

More safety comes from more car strength. Brand-new Tiggo 5, strictly designed and developed according to the brand-new version of C-NCAP five-star safety standards, adopts all thermal-forming technology generally for a luxurious car as well as advanced M.E.C body structure design to create unparalleled M.E.C. body. The unique force bearing structure can effectively absorb and disperse collision energy, minimize the accidental injury of the drivers and passengers and protect their safety.

“3R Body” anti-collision body structure

Through Y-shaped, #-shaped and O-shaped design, the car body has higher strength. Three classes of all-in-one door hinges are adopted by medium/premium models. All material adopts thermal-forming steel for processing with high precision, high strength and excellent maintenance. Internal plate of all-in-one stamped door + upper structure of wholly door ensure more reasonable body structure and higher safety, reduce wind-dryness, improve appearance quality and provide experience and enjoyment of medium/premium models.

Bentler high-strength steel & laser welding technology

The car body uses high strength steel plate manufactured by Bentler Company and the whole steer is heated by laser, increasing the car body length by 30% compared with the ordinary welding spots and effectively improving the safety of the whole car body.

Environment-friendly four safety airbags

The four safety airbags of brand-new Tiggo 5 adopts ring arrangement and the latest sensing system for smart response. In the case of accident, the occupants can be wrapped instantly for overall safety.


Intelligent parking vision system

It carries intelligent parking vision system. The reversing camera is of 300,000 pixels. The detection distance between the parking radars is 150cm, and the corner reaches 60cm.

ACS automatic sunroof

ACS automatic sunroof provides the pleasure of embracing nature at any time. Its ten functions, including automatic anti-pinch, power memory, excess voltage protection, and so on, let you enjoy the ride without worries.

Luxurious 7-inch ultra-large touch screen entertainment navigation system

7-inch ultra-large touch screen entertainment navigation system full of technological charm, better than the similar cars. No matter travel destination or family happiness are found just by one touch. The brand-new Tiggo 5 makes the future technology more fashionable and usable.

Passive entry and one-button start

Intelligent key detection within 2 m from the driver’s door, front passenger door and rear back doors for convenient operation and unique technological charm to the car owners.

4/6-divided seats + rear seats folding function

The cushions and backs of the rear seats are divided by 4/6. Backs of the rear seats are fordable to create a 972L ultra-wide trunk volume with high space utilization rate.

360° intelligent driving infotainment system

Multimedia-supported 5 audio formats including mp3 and wma, 13 video formats including avi and rmvb, as well as picture formats including JPG, BMP, etc for more comprehensive entertainment enjoyment; USB charging for 5 equipments including iPhone to create technological and fashionable enjoyment.


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