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Chery brings an array of black technology products to Auto China 2018, highlighting intelligence and globalization

On April 25, Chery Automobile Co., Ltd. (Chery) brought an array of car models to Auto China 2018. At the show, Chery unveiled theTiggo 8, the new flagship SUV of the Tiggo family, the new Arrizo, LION intelligent cockpit and EXEED concept car under the theme of "Fun to Drive, AI is Coming", outlining the brand's future-oriented development vision with a powerful lineup of intelligent products.

Mr.Yin Tongyue, Chairman of Chery, delivers a speech.

Chery showcasing the brand's achievements in intelligence R&D with era-leading intelligent interconnection technology. The higher-positioned Arrizo GX will compete with self-owned high-end products and joint venture products in the Class A+ sedan market. The LION intelligent cockpit and EXEED concept car have presented Chery's future-oriented design concepts.In addition, the appearance of mass production models such as Arrizo 5 commemorative edition, Tiggo 5x, Tiggo 7 and Arrizo 5and new energy modelshas intensively manifested the charm of excellent products and technologies.

Mr. Yin Tongyue, Chairman of Chery, said, "This is the best era because the auto industry is embracing a once-in-a-century opportunity and reform. Electric, intelligent, connected and shared vehicles are bringing unprecedented vitality to the auto industry. We are embracing this era with an open and proactive mind."

Tiggo 8 leads Chery's intelligent lineup to explore the boundaries of future mobility

The flagship SUV Tiggo 8 and Arrizo GX feature Chery's latest LION Intelligent Cloud system. Arrizo GX, as Chery's second new car built on the M1X platform, has been improved in body size, design, driving performance, intelligence and other areas. This higher-positioned product will compete with self-owned high-end products and joint venture products priced between RMB ?80,000 - 100,000 in the Class A+ sedan market. It is expected to be marketed in the third quarter of this year.

Meanwhile, users can realize remote vehicle startup, control, matrix electric fence, location, diagnosis, authorization and other powerful functions through their mobile phones.If users use the Intelligent Cloud Interconnection mobile app to turn on the air conditioning or activate other vehicle movements, Tiggo 8's groundbreaking fingerprint/face recognition function that replaces previous digital password authentication allows users to fully communicate with their beloved cars by just moving fingers.

Mr.Chen Anning, General Manager of Chery, and Mr.Ray Bierzynski, Executive Deputy General Manager of Chery, unveil Arrizo GX.

"LION Intelligent Cloud" is one of the core businesses of Chery's intelligent transformation strategy-"CHERYLION". "CHERYLION " has five business platforms: LION Intelligent Drive, LION Intelligent Cloud, LION Intelligent Manufacturing, LION Intelligent Win and LION Intelligent Mobility, covering Chery's digital and intelligent layout throughout the life cycle from R&D, to manufacturing, marketing and service. LION Intelligent Drive represents the automatic driving business; LION Intelligent Cloud represents the intelligent interconnection business; LION Intelligent Manufacturing represents intelligent manufacturing; LION Intelligent Win represents digital marketing; LION Intelligent Mobilityrepresents the future shared mobility.

In addition to the black technology of fingerprint/face recognition, Tiggo 8 is also a pioneer in smart home and vehicle interconnection that enables users to voice-control their vehicles through an intelligent sound box by their side, offering a more harmonious and convenient mobility experience.

The five business platforms will constantly adjust themselves and rationally evolve based on the whole intelligent industry and consumer market to form a complete, sustainable and strategic LION system that bolsters Chery's intelligent evolution.

Apart from Tiggo 8 and the new Arrizo, Chery also brought the LION intelligent cockpit and EXEED concept car embodying futuristic technologies to Auto China 2018.

The lifestyle area at Chery's booth showcased a number of intelligent black technology products such as LION intelligent cockpit and EXEED concept car. The LION intelligent cockpit is a combination of Chery's latest technologies such as holographic projection, augmented reality (AR) and smart home interconnection. It demonstrates Chery's thinking and exploration of intelligent interconnection and smart home and creates an interconnected "mobile living space" for all car users.

EXEED is a high-end brand of intelligent products created by Chery based on its prediction of future mobility needs. EXEED represents a "high-end, quality and intelligent" design concept and a unique sense of design and technology. This concept could be intuitively felt inthe lifestyle area. Through these scene-based experiences, Chery has revealed its thoughts and actions onintelligent interconnection and smart home.

Going global and creating the best Chinese brand in the eyes of foreigners

At the show, a number of models and futuristic black technologies displayed at Chery's booth were highly praised by many foreign friends. 203 overseas dealers, car owners and media friends from 30 countries including Brazil, Russia, Iran, Argentina and Poland visited Chery's booth, highly recognized Chery's products and technologies and expressed expectation for in-depth cooperation with Chery in the future.

Overseas dealers and owners visit Chery's booth.

In order to develop the overseas market, Chery has sponsored the Chile national football team and the Argentina Football League and supported the sports undertakings in Iran and public welfare projects such as education and culture in other overseas markets, significantly improving its popularity and influence in these markets.

Dr. Chen Anning, General Manager of Chery, said that Chery has followed an international development path right from its inception. Since the export of its first vehicle in 2001, Chery has exported more than 1.3 million vehicles, ranking first in China by export of passenger vehicles for 15 consecutive years. In Brazil, Russia, Iran and other countries, Chery has become a representative of China's high-end manufacturing brands. In the future, Chery will speed up overseas launch of new products, allowing more overseas users to experience the excellent quality and service of China's self-owned brands.

Energy technology takes green mobilityfrom dream into reality

In addition to the traditional models, Chery also brought two new energy vehicles to the show-Arrizo 5e and Tiggo 3xe. Tiggo 3xe is Chery's first pure electric SUV with a maximum mileage of 445km.

Dr. Chen Anning said that Chery is well prepared for new energy development in the future. As one of the first domestic automakers to develop new energy vehicles and obtain a new energy vehicle production license, Chery has gradually established a new energy technology R&D system combining vehicle integration, core technology and core component development capability.

At present, Chery New Energy has developed a full linetechnical plan. In the second half of 2018, Chery will further broaden the product scope by gradually covering all electric vehicle segments including Class A-C sedans and Class B-D SUVs and new energy vehicles including plug-in hybrid, pure electric, extended-range electric vehicles and four-wheel electric vehicles. By 2020, Chery is expected to realize electrification of all models.

With the arrival of brilliant AI, and facing challenges and opportunities of this era, Chery will always be orientedto user needs and explore future mobility modes with technology. At Auto China 2018, Chery has demonstrated its energy reserves and firm determination for intelligent transformation and upgrading through intelligent products and technologies from new products to accessible future mobilityscenarios. In 2018, Chery will continue to launch a number of important models, further enriching its product portfolio and offering a more intelligent, convenient and richer mobility experience to all users.