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Chery Fulwin honored as “Best Chinese Auto Model” in Chile

Dec 28, 2012

Recently, “2012 Best Chinese Auto Model”, organized by Bolido, an authoritative auto magazine in Chile, has been unveiled. As a result, Chery Fulwin (Fulwin II in China) outperformed a host of strong rivals to be honored as the most popular Chinese model among Chilean consumers in 2012 with an overwhelming majority of votes.


As a fine model filling the market gaps of Chery Face (Chery A1) and Skin (Chery A3), Chery Fulwin integrates the comfort and sports. Since its launch in Chile, Fulwin has drawn close attention and gained great favor from local consumers, with nearly 2,000 units sold. The award undoubtedly represents Chilean consumers’ highest praise for Fulwin, and was presented due to its superior cost performance and outstanding comprehensive performance.




Fulwin was designed by an Italian master with the bionic concept including V-shaped whale-type front face, which is fashionable and kinetic. It Carries ACTECO 1.5L engine, one of “China’s ten best engines” with the 2,527mm large-wheelbase body and the hatchback design creating a 450-1000L super-large storage space and volatile space combinations. Besides, with an idle noise of 43 decibels up to world standards, it is comfortable and quiet during operation. Fulwin exquisitely combines sports gene and family functions, and offers consumers kinetic experience when maximizing family functions. For all the above, it makes sense that the more fashionable, safe and outstanding mini family car has been highly acclaimed by Chilean consumers.

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