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03 Apr2013
"Chery TX" concept car wins new authoritative European design award

After being honored as the "Best Concept Car of 2012" at the Geneva International Motor Show, Chery TX concept car has recently drawn close attention from the European auto circle again. At the just-concluded "Auto? Design Conference" that attracted renowned European auto designers, TX concept grabbed the "Award for Best Auto Design" in 2012.

2,394 car fans participated in an online vote initiated by the conference organizer. More than half of votes went to Chery TX concept car, making it the winner of the "Award for Best Auto Design (Concept)". This shows TX's great popularity among common consumers and heralds its appeal in the future market. TX was followed by Alpine A110-50 and Citroen Number9.

Auto? is Europe's largest and the world's second largest auto design conference. The 1st edition took place in 2009. The conference aims to popularize auto design and auto culture, promote designers as authors and enhance people's awareness that "auto design is part of product design". This year's conference made up the largest and most authoritative judge panel ever with the participation of 48 auto design experts, and initiated a public vote. The conference involved lectures, panel discussions, seminars and demonstrations of annual design works by tens of auto design experts. The award ceremony is scheduled to be staged in Monza, Italy on June 1.

As Chery's next-generation concept SUV model, TX's popularity with designers and the general public is first attributable to its advanced concept and charming appearance. According to Chen Anning, deputy general manager of Chery and president of Chery Auto Research Institute, TX draws inspiration from nature and shows the "power of nature". The power inspired by water and nature is the most impactful design language of vehicles and brims with charm. Besides the advanced design concept, TX's design took engineering factors into account. For instance, the waistline and shape are novel and unique, and meet good stamping conditions. The elaborate engineering design has laid a solid foundation for TX's mass production.

The new international award for TX has not only shown Chery's achievements in strategic transformation and R & D system reforms, but also demonstrated its profound accumulation in product design and car building experience over the decade.