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31 Jul2013
Chery launches all-new strategic model ARRIZO7

On July 26, 2013, at World Expo China Pavilion, Shanghai, under the theme of "sincerity", Chery launched its first strategic model ARRIZO7 under its new brand image, including 5 configurations and 8 versions.


(Chery's leaders and engineer and design team posed with ARRIZO7 for a photo)

As a representative at the new development stage of Chery, ARRIZO7 is the first model built in the mode of forward development geared to established practice in the international auto industry among independent-branded models. It not only shows the overall improvement in Chery's R & D system capacity, but also proves that Chinese independent brands are becoming increasingly mature with the development of China's auto industry over the six decades. ARRIZO7 is considered as a fine model up to global standards and built by the professional auto technology team of a Chinese independent brand covering the full process of auto R & D.


Inspired by China's "five elements"


The professional auto technology team is exactly a result of Chery's implementing the international talent strategy in recent years. ARRIZO7's handsome appearance adored by consumers was designed by an international design team led by Chery's current design director James Hope. The international designers who once worked for Ford, Chrysler and GM were inspired by "water" in China's five elements. "Chery TX concept car which has garnered an international design award reflects the concept of water flow body," James said. ARRIZO7 was also inspired by the concept.



(Chen Anning interpreted ARRIZO7)

Natural forms of water such as waterfall, ripple and flow were blended in ARRIZO7's design. For example, hub spoke design takes the form of waterfall; the tail flows and the door trim ripples. James also said, "Design is injecting individuality into cars just like individuality developed by a person in growth which is always impressive." From ARRIZO7, Chery's product design will develop in this direction and eventually create its own family design language.




(ARRIZO7 on the scene of the launch conference)

Behind ARRIZO7's product power is Chery's mature system capacity. Besides implementing the international talent strategy, Chery has kept ahead of other independent brands in terms of hardware construction. It has built Asia's largest safety collision test center, the largest domestic NVH laboratory, a world-class K&C chassis laboratory and a top-notched lean modeling laboratory among independent brands. Also, it has invested heavily to bring in a lot of advanced technologies and equipment like Meisterbock&Cubing, recruited experts from Volkswagen and TUV Rheinland to help build its quality control system and introduced the rigorous quality evaluation system of AUDIT. All these have propped up Chery's forward R & D.


New cars for new elite




(Guo Qian introduced ARRIZO7's target consumers and Chery's product plan under its new system)
Since the beginning of ARRIZO7's design, Chery has implemented the product concept of high starting point, high requirements and high quality. ARRIZO7 primarily targets its consumers aged between 25 and 40, who are enterprising and confident, balance family with career, and seek better life and career improvement. Chery defined them as "a pragmatic and confident new urban group". As a matter of fact, ARRIZO7 which has achieved a substantial leap in product power has fully catered to these consumers' rigorous requirements for car safety, comfort, grade and quality.


Theme of launch conference shows Chery's ambition to prosper independent brand


On the night of July 26, at World Expo China Pavilion, Shanghai, hundreds of media,industrial insiders, guests and visitors witnessed Chery's another historical moment. More exhilaratingly and touchingly, Chery has demonstrated its enthusiasm, confidence, resolution and perseverance to prosper China's auto industry. Every link of the launch conference showed Chery's strong desire to invigorating independent brands, its obsession with technical innovation and its unremitting pursuit of the prosperity of China's auto industry.


ARRIZO7 was naturally the star of the night. However, throughout the launch conference, both the model and Chery positioned themselves as a representative of Chinese independent brands more, showing that during the development of China's auto industry, independent brands including Chery has kept going, exploring and innovating to leave one thrilling moment after another in the Chinese history of auto development, expressing their love for the country and the auto industry.



 (Yin Tongyue addressed the launch ceremony for ARRIZO7)
Yin Tongyue, chairman and president of Chery Automobile Co., Ltd., said in the address, "With sincerity, Chery has been honoring its commitment to "building good cars for consumers", if ARRIZO7 succeeds, it is not merely the success of a model, but the success of a system and independent R & D, it will consolidate our confidence in sticking to forward development."


No matter how ARRIZO7's market performance is, its milestone significance is still beyond doubt. We hope ARRIZO7 will succeed, and its success makes it clear that Chinese independent brands have embarked upon the road to success.