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18 Dec2013
Chery builds joint lab of vehicle system engineering with MTS On December 11, 2013, the inaugural ceremony of the joint laboratory of Chery and MTS took place at Chery. According to the laboratory construction plan, the two sides will, on the basis of strategic partnership, work closely with each other on development and application of engineer testing equipment of vehicle systems and technical researches on simulation testing of vehicle system and parts, etc.

At the ceremony, Ma Deren, president of Chery Engineering Institute of Vehicle Test and Technology and Bill Hardy, vice president, World Wide Sales, Test Division at MTS delivered speeches and inaugurated the laboratory on behalf of two sides. This marked the official start of the strategic cooperation between the two sides and opened a new page of close cooperation, complementation and win-win. With the laboratory's establishment, the two sides will cooperate in vehicle system engineering technology development and testing, provide trainings to customers nationwide, jointly develop or improve testing technologies, research on application methods, and strive to become a domestic leading and world-class vehicle system engineering laboratory.

Chery has maintained good relations with MTS for a long time. MTS' advanced equipment such as fatigue tester system, comprehensive test bed of shock absorber, six-degree-of-freedom vibration bed (with environmental chamber), vehicle tire and shaft coupling road simulation system, 24-channel road simulation bed and K&C vehicle motility and comfort measurement system have been applied in Chery's new model R&D and testing and current improvement, and achieved remarkable results such as Arrizo 7, E3 and Chery 5 launched this year. These results mark the high input into vehicle testing technologies is creating unrivalled leading technologies and comprehensively improving technical quality.




Founded in 1966, headquartered in Minnesota of US, MTS has developed into a world leading mechanical test solution provider and displacement sensor supplier. Its products and services are applied in research, product development, quality control and production, covering testing equipment, analysis software and fine engineering solution consultation. Its customers include research institutes of key automakers and airplane makers, national research institutes and research institutes of universities and colleges, such as research institutes and laboratories of Benz, GM, Ford, Volkswagen, Boeing and Airbus. Since MTS entered China in the late 1970s, many top national research institutes, key universities and colleges, as well as large enterprises and institutions in China have introduced a lot of testing and simulation systems and software from MTS.

As a representative of domestic independent brands, Chery has been committed to establishing a complete automotive product development system up to international standards and developing a complete range of capacities for forward development of vehicles. As China's first national automobile engineering laboratory established by an enterprise--National Engineering Laboratory of Automobile Energy Conservation and Environmental Protection, Chery Automobile Test Technology Center is one of the most important links of building a complete forward development system which is indispensible for Chery to develop a complete range of capacities for forward development and improve product quality. Covering an area of 300,000 square meters, with vehicle testing, development and validation capacities covering over 2,000 items of 23 specialized modules, Chery has been up to advanced international standards in terms of testing capacity and level.