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22 Apr2014
Debut of Chery Design, to Create Soul of Chinese Automobile On April 19, on the eve of 2014 Beijing International Automotive Exhibition, Chery held a Chery Design Show themed on “Creating the Soul of Chinese Automobile” to present the media Chery’s all-new product design idea. Domestic media leaders, automobile expert and Chen Anning, deputy general manager of Chery Automobile, Huang Huaqiong, general manager of Chery Sales Company, James Hope, director of design for Chery Automobile, etc. attended the Show. On the activity scene, taking its latest concept cars concept α and concept β as carriers, Chery showed the “Chery Design” which symbolizes Chery’s family design language to the media and auto experts.


Huang Huaqiong pointed out, “Chery Design is not merely the Chery’s family design language. What Chery Design is to achieve is the design that is a spirit-based other than form-based design. Via the Chery Design, Chery will ensoul its products. Every famous brand has its own soul. How will Chery ensoul its products and brand? The answer lies in the Chery Design which is led by the “positive” system. In this point of view, what Chery Design is to create are the soul of Chery and the soul of Chinese Automobile.”


It is understood that concept α and concept β are created by Chery's current design team which is headed by Chery’s current design directors James Hope, former designer of General Motors, and Hakan Saracoglu, former designer of Porsche. According to introduction made by James Hope, Chery Design consists of four major parts including Proportion, Branding, Design Language, and Quality, each of which is skillfully integrated with Chinese elements, such as, the face of concept α is blended with the covered bridge elements of ancient Chinese architecture, the grille contains the yin and yang elements of Chinese traditional culture, and the flowing outline embodies the element of “water” which is one of the “five elements” in Chinese traditional culture. Meanwhile, “Chery Design” also strives to integrate the practicability, inclusiveness, virtue, and innovation which represent the Chinese mainstream culture in its spiritual connotations.


When interviewed, Chen Anning said, “In China, there are many local brands similar to Chery. Although we are classified into different industries, we have a lot of things in common and we advocate aggressiveness, inclusiveness, virtue, innovation, etc. For example, in terms of R&D and design, we neither accept blind imitation nor do the act of plagiarism, but we seek for inspiration based on the aesthetic and spiritual needs of Chinese consumers and cultural background, which is the real design. For Chinese people, design is not only a fashion, but also a spirit from the bottom of the heart. Therefore, it is a must that every Chinese enterprise shall have an exclusive design if it wants better development.” 


On the activity scene, when we look at the two concept cars up and down with the connotations of Chery Design we understood just now, it is no difficult to find that the A pillar of concept α starts from the edge of the engine cover and converges at the front grille, which fully presents a sense of water flow. The lateral curves of concept α adopt concise, smooth, and exquisite, ripple-like lines, which makes it tough and soft in waist lines. All these embody the tranquility and inclusiveness of water and are closely related to the “The greatest virtue is like water” that Chinese traditional culture emphasizes on. In addition, the “yin and yang” style of the new logo also presents the philosophy of “the harmoniousness of yin and yang gives rise to all things of the world” in Chinese Taoist culture. The circulation design from the tail lamps to the number plate also echoes the design concept of its front face and strengthens its horizontal size. Similar to concept α, the dynamic and water flowing body of concept β is also rich in “Chinese elements”. As a whole, the two concept cars use large amount of Chinese elements and vividly presents the inner beauty of “Chery Design” via the dynamic characteristics of the curves, lines, and water.


Conclusion: concept α and concept β born of the Chery Design under the “positive” system not only have an unity of form and spirit, but also pave a clear direction for Chery’s future design. From the two concept cars, we can see that guided by the “Chery technology, positive system”, Chery is step by step constructing its own brand gene via the adjustment of product planning, design concept, and marketing system.