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29 Jan2016
Chery Group sells 550,100 units in 2015, increasing by 8.3% year on year

Chery has recently released its sales data for 2015, posting annual sales of 550,100 units, up 8.3 percent year on year, including China sales of 464,000 units, up 15.7 percent year on year and 8.4 percent above the growth rate of domestic overall passenger vehicle sales. overseas, Chery exported 87,000 units in 2015, ranking first among all China’s automakers for 13th consecutive year.
In terms of sales composition, three brands (Chery, Qoros and Jaguar Land Rover) under Chery Automobile Co., Ltd. contributed 408,700 units, 14,000 units and 26,300 units respectively; Karry, Cowin and other brands under Chery Holdings contributed 69,300 units, 25,000 units and 6,800 units respectively. In 2015, Chery sold 14,200 new energy vehicles, up 66 percent year on year. "Great Chery" gradually formed synergic effects and cut a figure in all segments, laying a solid foundation for its future development.
On December 18, 2015, Chery's 5,000,000th unit rolled off line, marking that it became China's first automaker with a cumulative passenger vehicle output of 5,000,000 units. While turning out its 5,000,000th unit, Chery has achieved numerous No.1s in China's auto industry.

 The first passenger vehicle manufacturer with a cumulative output of 5,000,000 units.
Achieving a cumulative output of 5,000,000 units was a periodic summary of Chery's development over the past 18 years, a new height of Chinese brand vehicles, a higher platform and a new starting point for its future development, and another milestone in its development history as well as in the development history of China's auto industry.
 Achieving cumulative exports of nearly 1,200,000 units, ranking first among Chinese passenger vehicle manufacturers for the 13th consecutive year
In 2015, Chery exported 87,000 units, accounting for 26.3 percent of the total exporting volume, ranking first among Chinese passenger vehicle manufacturers for the 13th consecutive year. By late 2015, Chery had exported nearly 1,200,000 units, roughly accounting for 38 percent of China's cumulative passenger vehicle exports.
 Leading position among major Chinese brands in terms of new product quality
In the 2015 Passenger Vehicle Initial Quality Study Report released by Ipsos, Chery's Qoros brand scored 159 points, far ahead of the other Chinese brands, and Chery brand ranked 5th, ahead of the other mainstream Chinese brands. In the compact segment, Arrizo 7 ranked 12th among over 200 compact models, second to Qoros only among Chinese brands.
In the initial quality study conducted by J.D.Power in 2015, Chery E3 ranked first in the compact car segment; New Tiggo 3 ranked third in the compact SUV segment and first among Chinese brands.
 Being The NO.1 Chinese automaker in terms of overseas image
On September 23, 2015, in the selection of 2015 China Top 20 Enterprises in Overseas Image--"One Belt One Road" directed by the State Council Information Office, the State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of the State Council and the ASEAN-China Centre, and organized by the China International Publishing Group, Chery ranked third as the highest-ranking equipment manufacturer and automaker, overtaking numerous Internet and home appliance giants such as Alibaba, Baidu, Xiaomi and Haier as a representative of Chinese manufacturers.
 Ranking ahead of the other Chinese automakers in the cumulative number of applied patents
According to statistics, by late 2015, Chery had applied for 12,882 patents and won 8,129 authorized patents, ranking ahead of the other Chinese automakers. Also, it has been listed among "China Top 10 Enterprises in Number of Authorized Patents for Invention" for two consecutive years.
 Winning "China Top 100 Best Employee Award 2015"
In 2015, Chery shared the "China Top 100 Best Employee Award 2015" with enterprises such as BMW China, Daimler-Benz, Huawei and IBM, showing its strong sense of social responsibility.
In 2015, in the context of domestic economic downturn and slowdown of auto industry growth, Chery achieved its annual objective through outstanding market performance. According to Chery's "three-step" strategy, 2016 is not only a year in which Chery will become a mainstream Chinese automaker through strategic transformation, system construction and quality improvement, but also the first year in which Chery will keep to the strategy of "technology, quality, globalization", focus on consumer experience, and become a Chinese leading automaker by 2020 through independent innovation.