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26 Aug2016
Keeping Forward, Chery Release All-new Platform: T1X

In August 2016, Chery releases info about its T1X platform and plan of future models based on the platform. T1X is the modular platform developed by the international professional team after Chery entered Strategy 2.0 Era, and it is based on precise positioning of mainstream consumer groups while following process of forward development. Chery will develop 5 models including long-wheelbase 5-seat SUV, short-wheelbase 5-seat SUV, 7-seat SUV, MPV and new-energy model base on T1X platform.

T1X platform integrates Chery Jaguar Land Rover and Qoros technologies, and it is equipped with advanced platform structure and has advantages in soft band width. Among models of the same wheelbase, products on T1X platform have better front and rear head space, and higher ground clearance, approach angle and departure angle. While better using space, it also ensures wonderful off-road performance. At the same time, wheelbase band width on T1X platform ranges between 2,560 and 2,800mm, and its ground clearance ranges between 145 and 190mm. The occupation space is flexible according to different needs, thus producing 5 to 7-seat models and having great competitiveness in flexible model development. 


Adopting modular design, T1X platform has greater flexibility in body layout and configuration. As far as body layout is concerned, except the fixed distance between the front axle and steering column, the occupation space and front/rear layout can be flexibly laid out according to model positioning. About the configuration, the all-new model on T1X platform will be equipped with active intelligent front grille, turbocharged engine, second-generation EHPS, double-channel shock absorber and many other new technologies. 

T1X platform pools talented people from BMW, GM, Ford and other famous automakers. They are responsible for appearance design of next-generation all-new Chery models and development of core techs such as engine and transmission. 

Tiggo7 is the first Chery model based on T1X and is about to be launched in the overseas market in 2017. Appearance design of Tiggo7 perfectly inherits TX concept model that won Design Prize in Geneva Auto Show. By using the brand-new “Life in motion” design philosophy of Chery, it has the natural beauty, breaks shackles of conventional rules, and presents the quite futuristic aesthetics. To secure the vehicle safety, Tiggo7 has employed the integrated high-strength body structure with world-leading manufacturing techs, combined great rigidity and light weight, panoramic HD image testing system and several intelligent alarm systems, which provide various protections from inside to outside. 

As all-new products are developed and produced on T1X platform, the overseas product line of Chery will become enriched and improved to lay a solid foundation for establishing Chery as an international brand with global competitiveness.