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21 Dec2016
Chery supports Chile's automotive engineering education

Recently Chery has donated two Arrizo 5 vehicles to The Polytechnic Lyceum of San Joaquin and The Jose Miguel Carrera de Quilicura Educational Organization in Chile. The senior executives of Chery's Chilean distributor SKBergé, the teachers and students from the colleges, as well as the representatives from Chilean mainstream media attended and witnessed the donating ceremony. The colleges' automotive machinery major was sponsored by Fundación Chile Dual. The foundation was set up by SKBergé and Liceo Industrial A-38 in 2010 for the purpose of supporting and advancing the development of Chile's automotive engineering education and the cultivation of Chilean automotive talents. In the future, these automotive machinery talents will provide strong support for the development of Chery and SKBergé. The donation aimed to enhance future engineers' knowledge of the latest automotive technologies in the market through the high quality and new technologies of Arrizo 5, intensify practical training and develop students' practical operation ability.

There are currently a total of 400 students supported in Metropolitana Region, Chile. Of them, senior students spend half of every semester practicing on the platforms jointly built by SKBergé and the colleges.

At the ceremony, Hugo Castro, General Manager of Chery Chile, said that Chery is pleased to support the growth of Chile's future engineers, Arrizo 5 represents Chery's highest quality and manufacturing level as the first global strategic model on Chery's new technology platform, Chery will continue to perform its social responsibility in support of the colleges and their students, hopefully our efforts will improve students' professional competence and create new jobs.

Oscar Moreno, Dean of Jose Miguel College, said that the donation not only broke the routine, but also brought students practical tools enhancing professional skills, laying a solid foundation for them to get used to their future career life as early as possible. Alexandro Aravena, Dean of San Joaquin College, was delighted by the better education opportunity for the students and their bright future, speaking highly of Chery and SKBergé.

With broad market space, Chile has always been an important strategic market of Chery. Since its entry into Chile in 2005, after over 10 years of localized development, Chery has been widely recognized and favored by the local market and local consumers. By late 2015, Chery's cumulative sales in Chile had been nearly 40,000 units. While delivering quality vehicles to consumers, Chery has been repaying the society. The donation aimed to support the development of Chile's automotive engineer education and the cultivation of Chilean automotive talents. In the future, Chery will work with SKBergé to offer the Chilean people a better driving & riding life through improved technologies, services and products.