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30 Dec2016
Arrizo 5 Wins C-NCAP Five-star Safety Rating with the Highest Score in the Previous Assessments of Chinese A-Segment Cars

China Automotive Technology & Research Center announced C-NCAP crash test results of  the latest group models on October 28, 2016. Arrizo 5won the C-NCAP (2015) five-star safety rating with the score of 56.24, which was the highest score ever for A-Segment cars since the new version of C-NCAP was released.

The C-NCAP (2015) was enforced in July 2015. According to experts of C-NCAP Administration Center, the C-NCAP (2015) is more rigorous in many aspects. For instance, take the lowest score in whiplash test. Score will be deducted, if the dummy at the rear seat slides after collision. Besides, in general, the threshold values for the four-star rating and the five-star rating is raised. Previously, the score of 52 meant five-star rating, but now the threshold value is raised to 54. Should a fire occur within 3 minutes after the collision, the rating will be degraded.

As the C-NCAP (2015) is much stricter, more than one-third of the 107 five-star rated models evaluated in the 2012 version of the C-NCAP will be degraded to four-star if evaluated in the 2015 version.

In the models assessed by the 2015 version C-NCAP, Arrizo 5 was scored 56.24, as one of the highest scored sedan model.

Arrizo 5 wins C-NCAP (2015) Five-Star Safety Rating with

the Highest Score (56.24) Ever in the History of Chinese A-Segment Cars

Arrizo 5 Excellent passive safety and passenger protection

Frontal 100% rigidity wall obstacle crash test (Score: 15.69 points)

40% frontal off-centered crash test performance (Score: 15.90 points)

Side crash test performance (Score: perfect score of 18 points)

High-standard Safety Design Guarantees Outstanding Anti-collision Performance

Viewing from the front and flank collision tests, Arrizo 5 gives a first-rate performance in terms of passive safety, which should be attributed to intensified steel bodywork and the comprehensive protection system (from the body materials to structure design). It is known that the vehicle, designed in line with 3R-Body philosophy, adopts  cage-shaped body. High-strength steel accounts for over 60% of the vehicle, among which high-strength Bentler hot-pressed steel is adopted in six elements such as the stiffened plates of pillars A/B and bumper rails on two side doors. As a result, the anti-collision capacity of the bodywork is largely strengthened while the living space of passengers ensured. Arrizo 5 is superior to its competitors in 6 air bags (driver side airbag, front passenger airbag, dual-side curtain air bags and two front side air bags) as well as the perfect matching of the safety belt restraint system and seat system, to soundly protect the safety of passengers.

By virtue of its all-round safety configuration, Arrizo 5 gets the full mark in the extra point columns of C-NCAP.

Aside from passive safety, active safety reveals the technology of modern vehicles and indicates the safety performance. Equipped with ESP , Arrizo 5 also boasts a set of auxiliary system which integrates HHC system, LUK clutch system, electric power steering system and GSI system. The five systems co-function to monitor and control the motion of wheels, thus maximizing the control of the vehicle. Equipped with Bosch ABS 9.0 with greater ECU capacity and more accurate control strategies, Arrizo 5’s braking performance has been tremendously improved and more stable. Besides, Arrizo 5 shows excellent braking performance with a 100-0 km/h braking distance of only 39.3 m, way ahead of most of its competitors.

Harvests of Chery 2.0 Products: Good Sales & Widespread Public Praise

From the result of C-NCAP, it can be obviously seen that the overall safety of Chery 2.0 products has stepped into a higher stage. In terms of both the passive safety brought by the matching between high-strength bodywork and the cutting-edge restraint system and the active safety, Chery vehicles are superior to JV models of its segment, revealing Chery’s emphasis on vehicle safety. Tiggo 7, another product under Chery 2.0 Strategy, has acquired remarkable achievements. In October, Chery Auto livestreamed first public chain rear-end collision test worldwide. With two Tiggo 7 cars and a truck, an accident was simulated, one car crashed into the rear of another one, which thereafter hit the rear of a truck. In this special way, Chery Auto shows the prominent safety performance of Tiggo 7 as well as Chery’s continuous efforts in creating high-quality products.

The outstanding results of Arrizo 5 and Tiggo 7 in the collision tests are by no means accidental. They embody the excellent safety quality of Chery 2.0 vehicles and Chery’s great concern and persistent contribution on user safety.

Relying on its prominence, The sales of Arrizo 5 have been rising all the way since its launch. For seven months, the monthly sales volume of Arrizo 5 reached the threshold of 10,000. And within 253 days, the sales amounted to over 100,000, making Arrizo 5 the fastest growing model in the aspect of sales and one of the most popular products among A-segment cars.

Through comprehensive tests and scientific assessment conducted by C-NCAP, we find that Arrizo 5 is a pacesetter among its Chinese counterparts in terms of safety quality. It even surpasses many higher-class and joint venture vehicles. Next year, Chery will release a new model—Arrizo 5 1.5T, which is bound to cause a hit nationwide. With the advance of Chery 2.0 Strategy, Chery will introduce more high-quality automobiles to fulfill the needs of young consumers and more importantly, make unremitting endeavors for the rising of Chinese brand.