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17 Jan2017
Braving wind and wave-Chery Tiggo 2 launched first in Chile

On January 10, 2017, in Chiloe Island, a beautiful island in southern Chile, Chery held a spectacular launch conference for Tiggo 2 on a ferry, symbolizing that Tiggo 2 would cut through the wind and waves on the way to achieve great success in Chile. Present were Du Weiqiang, Executive Deputy General Manager of Chery International; Hugo, General Manager of Chery Chile, as well as 15 senior journalists from 10 mainstream media outlets in Chile. So far Tiggo 2 has become the third Tiggo SUV model launched in Chile. It will further enrich Chery's SUV product line in Chile in complement with Tiggo 3 and Tiggo 5, and make Chilean consumers’ driving experience more trendy and passionate.

(The test drive fleet on the way)

Years of market development has turned Chery into a well-accepted famous auto brand in Chile with its  Arrizo series and SUV Tiggo series highly recognized on the market. Tiggo 3 and Tiggo 5 currently available in Chile are well known with average monthly sales of over 200 units. Tiggo 5 was nominated for 2014 Top 10 SUV Models of Chile, and won the Effie Marketing Award in Chile in 2015. Accordingly, Chery brand image and popularity of the Tiggo series were greatly enhanced in Chile. 

(The fleet gets on board the ferry)

Tiggo 2 Chile Launch Conference was held on the water just like a romantic fantasy journey. Prior to the launch conference, the attendees embarked upon a quality and charm journey of Tiggo 2 in eight brand-new Tiggo 2 vehicles along an orchestrated test drive line. Then accompanied by gentle sea breeze and the crystal sound of waves, the unique launch conference was officially inaugurated on Chiloe Island.

(Executive Deputy General Manager Du and NEWCO General Manager Hugo address the launch conference) 

Tiggo 2 is the first new model launched by Chery abroad in 2017, as well as the second Strategy 2.0 model launched by Chery in Chile after Arrizo 5, said Du. The technical and quality strength of Tiggo 2 is a vivid reflection of Chery's international manufacturing capacity. Both Chery and its Chilean dealers pin great hope on Tiggo 2 and plan to sell over 150 units monthly, accounting for five percent of the segment. He believed that Tiggo 2 would amaze Chilean consumers by its superb quality and set off a new SUV sales fever in Chile.

Hugo interpreted Tiggo 2's appearance, interior, power, configuration and control, enhancing the attendees' understanding of Tiggo 2. Tiggo 2 not only inherits Chery's outstanding manufacturing quality and technical core, but also meets the design requirements of the young generation. It features Chery's new design language-"Life in motion", has more dynamic and trendy appearance, and more caters to the aesthetic need and individual expression of the young. As Chery's first core model for young Chilean consumers, Tiggo 2 will lay a solid foundation for Chery to expand its customer groups in the future.

After the launch of Tiggo 2, Chery will conduct a series of marketing campaigns to further enhance the brand influence and Chery's new models in Chile. Chery is known to sign a sponsorship agreement with the champion of Chilean Primera División to further intensify brand image building. In product promotion, Chery will place an advertisement on FOX in prime time, build an exclusive website for Tiggo 2, conduct digital marketing and hold trade fairs at shopping malls in renowned CBDs.

After the launch in Chile, Tiggo 2 will appear in Peru on January 17 Local Time, extending the influence of Tiggo series in Central and South America. With the launch of Tiggo 2, Chery will work with Skberge Group to continue optimizing its product structure, increasing its investment in brand building and improving its network capacity, so as to achieve a new leap in Chile and South America.