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19 Apr2017
Test Drive Chery 2.0 Products in China

Dedication generates excellence and quality conquers the world. On April 18, 2017, Chery organized test drive/ride of its new-generation products in Shanghai Broad Auto Park. As the second stop in Chery international brand event, over 200 representatives of Chery’s overseas dealers, nearly 30 mainstream media in the world, and more than 40 partners and dealers of Chery in China’s market came to the venue to experience and witness the charm of quality from Chery 2.0 products. 

Shanghai Broad Auto Park is mainly used to host drift competition, international kart races and training on driving safety, etc., which is the top international auto theme park in China. The display of Beyond & Challenge, theme of the event in the test-drive exhibition, and the brand exposure on the track goal post were original and distinctive, presenting the great high-tech sense and representing the dynamic and young brand image of Chery. Blending perfectly with the test-drive models, it offered the most exciting test drive. 

  (ARRIZO 5)

In the test drive, the participants drove the new models to be launched overseas, including ARRIZO 5 and TIGGO 7. Through the straight-line acceleration, snake drive, emergency braking, NVH and other experience items, they perfectly showed the flexible control and exceptional quality and performance of Chery products. In the straight-line acceleration, the powerful engine system equipped on Chery products ensured test drivers experienced the most exciting charm of drive. In the snake drive, test drivers drove the vehicle in the complex S-shaped winding route. With excellent steering system, Chery products made the precise steering response and presented the agile and easy control so that both driver and passengers enjoyed the fun to the largest extent. In the emergency braking, the ABS+EBA shortened the time of user response, reduced the human force consumption in making braking act, lowered down the braking distance and effectively protected driving stability and safety to the largest extent. In NVH, which measures comprehensive manufacturing quality of the vehicle, the three models brought tranquil and comfortable space for driver and passengers. With direct feeling of driving, it ensured the test driver fully experienced the perfect technique and quality of Chery 2.0 products. 

(Test drive)
The personal experience of Chery products helped display strength of Chery, thus winning great praise from representatives of dealers and media from home and abroad. Overseas dealers of Chery said the test drive helped them deeply understand technologies and quality of Chery 2.0 products. The participants were greatly impressed by their stylish and gorgeous appearance, perfect control, the dynamic body combining strength and gentleness and the comfortable space. As the partners of Chery, they were proud of Chery and showed great confidence in the new-generation products. Representatives of Russian media said Chery products not only brought to them the practical visual appreciation, but also the satisfying power and control. They looked forward to the launch of new Chery products in global market and believed they would bring more dynamic and comfortable experience of vehicle use for global consumers. 

As the first strategic model in the world, ARRIZO 5 greatly exceeds performance of same-class models in appearance, technologies, control and quality. To date, it has been launched in Chile, Iran, Peru, UAE, Saudi Arabia and Amen, etc. Dueto its stylish appearance and agile control, ARRIZO 5 has gained great praise from overseas consumers. With TX that won Award of Best Conceptual Vehicle in Geneva Auto Show, TIGGO 7 was developed on the advanced T1X platform. Equipped with 9-inch touch screen, full-view sunroof and efficient power, TIGGO 7 represents the highest manufacturing level of Chery. First launched in November 2016, monthly sales of TIGGO 7 have exceeded 10,000 units for a long time, whose quality is recognized by both market and users. In March 2017, TIGGO 7 won Award of Best Batch-production Vehicles in China for 2016 by CARSTYLING, the world’s most authoritarian auto design magazine, highlighting the first-class level of CHERY DESIGN in the world. As another all-new SUV following the launch of futuristic TIGGO 7, T17 will again make sensations with its future-oriented visual design and leading high-tech configurations. 

Nowadays, Chery has established two series products pillared on ARRIZO and TIGGO families, providing quality vehicle life for more than 6 million users in the world while winning their trust and recognition. Based on leading technologies and products and well-established service system, Chery will continue to enrich its overseas product line by launching new-generation products such as TIGGO 7 in 2017, thus making presence in global market and effectively helping Chery increase its market share in global auto market.