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20 Jul2017
TIGGO 7 of Chery Held Offline Ceremony in Iran

On July 6, 2017 Beijing time, TIGGO 7, a flagship SUV model of Chery, held the offline ceremony in its Iran factory, which was attended by executives and representatives of employees in Iran factory. The successful offline ceremony of TIGGO 7 marks another milestone of Chery’s development in Iran, and the upgraded force of Chery products and brand, thus boosting local growth of Chery in the country.  

(Offline ceremony of TIGGO 7 in Iran)

At the offline ceremony, the executive of Chery Iran factory said the brand, focusing on users’ needs, is dedicated to providing Iran consumers with diverse and high-quality products and services. As the highest-standard Chery model, TIGGO 7 has best performance in design, sense, power and control, which will bring comfort, quality and high-tech configurations to local consumers. Based on the excellent quality and relying on well-developed service and marketing system of Chery, the newly-launched TIGGO 7 will definitely win recognition and praise from Iran consumers and market. 

(Chery T1X platform)

Carrying on the excellent gene of TIGGO family with one million units of sales, TIGGO 7 has made breakthroughs in the existing layout. Relying on T1X platform, the most advanced SUV platform of the brand, TIGGO 7 offers the best driving experience. TIGGO 7 has already completed the chain rear-end collision test, the first time for such test to be made in public in the world. The excellent result revealed the safety and performance of TIGGO 7. It also won two championships in COC and received gold C-ECAP evaluation with the score at 81.31. Not long ago, TIGGO 7 won the championship in China Around Taklimakan (International)Rally known as the Ghost Competition.

Technologies make quality possible. Following latest standards in the industry, Chery designs and builds factory with the level of its equipment and technological capacity taking leading position in the world. In its Iran factory, Chery assembles 60,000 units on an annual basis. And its phase II project with 100,000 units annual capacity is under construction. Upon completion, an industrial park with greater competitiveness will be built in Iran. Thanks to its leading manufacturing and production ability, Iran factory of Chery brings higher-quality vehicle life for consumers. Chery is gradually becoming the better-known automobile brand in the country. 

(Chery TIGGO 7)

TIGGO 7 will be launched in Iran at the end of July. With better quality, performance, vehicle-use experience and aesthetic taste, it will win favor from more Iran consumers. At the same time, TIGGO 7 will form more competitive product portfolio together with NEW TIGGO 5, thus helping the brand increase market share and lay a solid foundation for the brand to explore Iran market.