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21 Jul2017
Secret Behind Advanced Combustion Technologies of Chery

Of the many leading technologies of Chery, its engine technology has received longstanding praise. In June this year, G3 high-performance engine of Chery rolled off line, whose major technical indicators match those of same-class world-luxury-brand engines, reaching a leading level in China automotive power technology field and revealing its perfect quality. 

(Traditional air inlet VS fish-maw air inlet)

The high-performance engine developed by Chery has many advantages such as large torque, low fuel consumption, small emission and little noise, whose thermal efficiency reaches the astounding 37.5%. The advanced combustion performance was made possible by the creative technological improvement first adopted by Chery, namely, the air inlet designed in the shape of a fish maw. 

Traditional engine air inlet resembles a straight long line, which allows in air into the combustion chamber for compressed ignition. However, its combustion efficiency has never exceeded the bottleneck. Nevertheless, the fish-maw air inlet cannot only maintain sufficient inlet air, but also successfully guides the air to move upward because of the curve, thus achieving the almost perfect balanced inlet air and combustion efficiency to secure the highly efficient combustion. 


(Fish-maw air inlet realizes highly efficient combustion)

The advanced fish-maw air inlet was successfully developed based on Chery’s V-shaped forward R&D system, which adopts the international standard. In R&D phase, Chery set the target of reaching world-leading standards. Its engineers give emphasis on all software, hardware and processes that help improve combustion efficiency. And the R&D team, when preparing for the development, noticed the many weak points of the traditional air inlets, such as the uncontrolled inlet air quantity and direction, which result in failure in forming air whirls in combustion chamber, inadequate combustion and wall clinging, etc. 

In the process of engine design, air inlet should supply certain amount of air to engine and the inlet air flow field should ensure normal operation of combustion chamber. At the same time, strict restraints are made on the unevenness of airflow field, involving geometry, hydro-mechanics and aerodynamics, etc. Chery’s R&D team worked day and night on it. After screening nearly 1,000 plans and more than 150 tests, the fish-maw air inlet design came into being and received many tests before it became the final solution. 

(G3 engine 1.6TGDI of Chery)

The fish-maw air inlet, while ensuring the inlet air quantity, controls airflow direction, facilitates combustion system and makes sure the G3 engine of Chery has the top-level thermal efficiency of 37.5%. As one of the latest products based on Chery’s leading system, the G3 engine gathers the many engine technologies accumulated by Chery over the past two decades, which uses dozens of latest power technologies in the world. The iHEC combustion system of Chery ensures the engine takes leading position in the world. 

As the G3 engine is used in new models, Chery will bring better-performance and better-quality product experience to overseas consumers, thus effectively improving the international influence of the brand.