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17 Sep2017
Chery EXEED TX making Frankfurt Auto Show debut

On 12 September, Chery’s latest high-end product family EXEED and its first model EXEED TX were launched at the Frankfurt Motor Show, which has drawn great attention from global media. Besides German media, the media from Britain, the U.S.A., the Netherlands, Denmark, Australia, Indonesia and Mexico also reported the debut of EXEED and EXEED TX, thinking that EXEED TX’s design and configuration are able to meet European market demands, and speculating that EXEED possibly competes with Audi.


Germany’s Hamburger Abendblatt reported that Chinese automobile manufacturers are desired to European market; Chery has shown its confidence in the Frankfurt Motor Show, and is likely to be a leading new energy automobile manufacturer.


Britain’s Auto Express indicated in a report themed with “Chery Exeed TX SUV makes Frankfurt Motor Show debut” that “Exeed TX will introduce a brand new design language for European market. ”


Britain’s indicated in a report themed with “Chery Exeed TX confirmed as first Europe-bound Chinese SUV” that “Asian brand’s latest attempt to break into Europe with model that’s on show at the Frankfurt show.”


America’s Automotive News Europe, a specialized automobile media headquartered in Detroit Motown, made an atlas for Exeed TX and commented that “The TX compact SUV will be the first car from Chery Automobile's new Exceed nameplate. Chery plans to launch the TX in Europe within the next few years as part of its global expansion. ”


America’s reported that “Chery has presented the model focused on the European market – the Exceed TX crossover.”


Australia’s indicated in a report themed with “Exeed TX claimed to have been created for Europe could spearhead return to Australia” (The EXCEED TX, which claims to have been designed for the European market, may turn back to Australia) that “Chinese car-maker Chery has pulled the drapes off a new concept for a flagship SUV it hopes will herald a sales breakthrough in Europe. Called the Exeed TX, the new SUV was revealed alongside the Tiggo Coupe SUV coupe – a concept for a luxurious SUV coupe – at the Frankfurt motor show overnight.”

Such report also mentioned the power performance of the Exeed TX new energy vehicle: “the Exeed TX PHEV capable of hitting 100km/h in less than 6.0 seconds before topping out at 200km/h.” As for Exeed TX’s market positioning, gave its guess that “It’s not clear where Chery plans to position its SUV in the market: whether it will be a natural rival for the Kia Sorento or Hyundai Santa Fe or whether it is aiming at more premium rivals from Volkswagen, or even Audi.”


Denmark’s is a Denmark’s mainstream newspapers with a history of more than 130 years. It published the group photo of president of Chery Tongyao YIN and Exeed TX, and commented that: “Chinese auto brands are marching towards Europe. Chery Exeed TX looks to be an advanced artistic model in many aspects. Chery Exeed TX has such functions as interconnection and automatic parking, but it is not clear if it will be launched in Denmark. 

The Netherlands’s reported that “Several weeks ago, Chery has disclosed that Chery is to launch a new product family to conquer European market. Today, at the Frankfurt Motor Show, its name was released: EXEED. Its first SUV is named EXEED TX.

Indonesia’s reported in details Chery’s EXEED product family and its first model EXEED TX, and EXEED TX’s powertrain, configuration and parameters. It reported that: “Frankfurt Motor Show, as an international-class motor show, produces various exciting news, for example, the birth of EXEED. EXEED is Chery’s latest product family. Currently, Chery is selling Chery QQ, Chery TIGGO, etc. in Indonesia. EXEED’s maximum value lies in its superb interconnection system, enjoyment of driving and inner space design. ”

Mexico’s reported that Chery will try its luck with its latest product family EXEED in Europe, and EXEED TX is its first model. It reported that: “Several days ago, they have reported the news that Chery is to participate in the Frankfurt Motor Show. Now, the day has come. Chery made its debut with its latest SUV EXEED TX with three versions: hybrid electric, plug-in hybrid electric and pure electric.” Moreover, the report made a detailed introduction to EXEED TX’s relevant parameter configuration, and emphasized the support from such famous vendors as BOSCH, DANA, BorgWarner, etc., which can guarantee its high quality for European market.