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29 Sep2017
Chery knocking at the door of European market: a new manner for globalization of Chinese brands

On 12-24 September, the 67th IAA Cars Frankfurt/Main has come to an end. Chery which made its debut at Frankfurt Motor Show launched its latest high-end product family EXEED and its first model EXEED TX. Moreover, Chery also launched TIGGO 7, TIGGO 5x, TIGGO brand concept vehicle, and 1.6TGDI+7DCT, 1.5TCI+7HDT (hybrid electric) and 1 new energy EV powertrain system.

 (Chery launching EXEED TX at Frankfurt Motor Show)

At Frankfurt Motor Show, Chery brought its strategy 2.0 and 3.0 products, and also showed its 20-year tremendous strength in technology and products, which revealed Chery’s ambition to enter European and American mainstream markets. Whether in China or in Europe, America, Oceania and Southeast Asia, Chery’s debut at Frankfurt Motor Show evoked a warm response from market and media. Chery has wowed even demanding European media and audiences with “incredible” exclamation.

Chery which has ranked first in the export of passenger vehicles in 14 consecutive years in China released an important signal at the 67th IAA Cars Frankfurt/Main - China’s brands have come to a new break point in the high-end products, and will enter such high-end markets as Europe and America and create real international first-class brands.

(Yin Tongyao, president of Chery Automobile talking with an exhibitor)

 “Distinguished” Chinese brand appears in European market

Although modern automobile industry has been led by European and American brands, will China brands be their followers? At Frankfurt Motor Show, the exclamation over Chery’s EXEED TX is not only because that European were amazed at Chinese brands’ remarkable improvement in appearance modelling, powertrain, platform, etc. compared with traditional vehicle-making level, but also because that they have foreseen a new possibility - new energy and artificial intelligence, that Chinese brands “counterattack” internationally-class brands. In terms of new energy and artificial intelligence, Chinese brands are competitive.

Yin Tongyao, president of Chery Automobile said in his interview from Xinhua News Agency: “In the future, new energy vehicle will dominate the world of automobile. Currently, a majority of battery manufacturers are situated in China, Japan and South Korea, which provides a rare opportunity for Chinese automobile industry to catch up with and surpass developed countries to realize ‘corner overtaking’. ”

Chinese brand represented by Chery has broken traditional cognition of the western world, and made its debut at international motor show with a brand-new image as an innovator, which has aroused heated discussions from overseas media. The media from Germany, the U.S.A., Britain, Denmark, the Netherlands, Australia, Mexico, Indonesia, etc., with an attitude of positive evaluation, reported the eye-catching performance of Chery’s EXEED high-end product family and its first model EXEED TX at Frankfurt Motor Show. Britain’s Auto Express indicated in a report themed with “Chery Exeed TX SUV makes Frankfurt Motor Show debut” that “Exeed TX will introduce a brand new design language for European market.” Deutsche Presse-Agentur indicated that EXEED TX will be Chery’s “dagger” into European market.”

Besides high appraisal to EXEED’s high-end positioning and high recognition to EXEED TX’s design level and performance quality, overseas media paid more attention to EXEED TX’s new energy attribute. Germany’s Hamburger Abendblatt reported that "Chery has shown its confidence at Frankfurt Motor Show, and is likely to be a leading new energy automobile manufacturer." Jim Holder editor-in-chief of Britain’s indicated in his signed column that “Chinese authority’s advancing the strategy of new energy vehicle to a great extent is influencing the pattern of global automobile industry, thereby bringing the opportunity in the new energy sector to Chinese automobile manufacturers like Chery.”

(Chen Anning, general manager of Chery Automobile accepting an interview from an overseas medium)


(Chery EXEED TX)

High-end Chinese brand is an irresistible trend.

With the development of global economy, and after the generations after 85s and 90s become the main forces of consumption, international market is upgrading its consumption from function-oriented consumption to enjoyment-oriented consumption. Chinese automobile brands should go out of low-end entry-level market to seek for a breakthrough.

Chen Anning, general manager of Chery Automobile indicated in his interview at Frankfurt Motor Show that: “To create the brand’s international influence is Chery’s next focus.” Chery’s participation into Frankfurt Motor Show is an actual measure that Chery hopes to validate our product power and strength with the help of international first-class motor show, open the European market with our blockbuster products developed in accordance with “global standard” and expand the brand’s global influence.

Self-confidence is derived from our strength. Through 20 years of efforts, Chery has accumulated solid internationally-class technical capacity. Since 2012, Chery has established Chery Technical Center Shanghai (CTCS) which has recruited many global top talents. Moreover, Chery has integrated two joint venture brands: Chery Jaguar Land Rover and Qoros to create international-class 3.0 technology system. Under such system, Chery launched high-quality new product family - EXEED. EXEED is a new high-end product family that Chery develops in compliance with the trend of upgraded overseas markets, better than ARRIZO and TIGGO product families. EXEED will be Chery’s blockbuster product to expand global high-end market, which can lay a solid foundation for Chery to enter global mainstream primary markets.

EXEED TX clearly reflects remarkable “genes” of Chery 3.0 high-end products: its appearance and interior, with the upgrading version of “Life in Motion” design, highlight its sense of quality and delicacy; its product development is based on the latest M3X high-performance platform; Chery 3.0 powertrain is provided with traditional gasoline engine, and will use pure electric and plug-in hybrid electric technologies; its advanced intelligent interconnection technology uses the latest artificial intelligent in-vehicle interactive system, which is jointly developed by Chery and Baidu.

Chery’s actions for a high-end brand have won good reputation from Chinese automobile industry and authoritative media. Just as a domestically-leading automobile We-Media platform ( reported that: “Three months ago, Chery launched its third-generation high-performance engine 1.6TGDI engine, and its technical indicators have reached or exceeded that of some international deluxe brand engines at the same segment. EXEED TX is based on M3X high-end product platform. From Chinese market to European and American markets, Chery has done best. ”

Generally positive appraisals reflect high recognition to Chery’s product technologies, quality and performance, as well as confidence in and expectation to Chinese brands to rise sharply and accelerate the change of global automobile industry pattern.

(The layout of Chery’s global production bases)

Chery is well-prepared in a new round of global industry pattern

Only through the trails of European and American high-end markets can an enterprise, particularly automotive manufacturing enterprise, be called a really world-class enterprise. Since its inception, Chery has been adhering to the strategic target of “creating internationally first-class brand”. Since 2001, Chery has exported nearly 1,300,000 vehicles, accounting for 1/3 of China’s automobile export. Its products are available in more than 80 countries and regions. Moreover, Chery has built nearly 1,500 overseas sales service networks, and 10 overseas production bases.

Apparently, Chery is not satisfied with its advantages in Asia, Africa and Latin America markets. At Frankfurt Motor Show, Chery announced its plan to build an European R&D Center. Currently, such center has started its site selection and personnel layout. Chery has been preparing for entering the mainstream market with the highest threshold and the highest significance in its “global strategy”.

To stand out of such a highly-competitive European market, a new automobile brand shall reach requirements in technology and quality, and also shall have its own brand characteristics and reach internationally-leading level in such sectors as intelligent interconnection, new energy, etc. At Chery’s 3.0 stage, Chery will possess a “platform matrix” including T1X, M1X, M3X, NEV (pure electric platform), etc., which can make various types of derivatives, be compatible with various use functions, and support the drive by various energy sources, thereby making a good preparation for overall electrification of future market. Chery is China’s only one automobile enterprise with a complete product platform matrix.

“By the end of 2020, Chery will complete electrification of all products. In 2025, Chery will be able to sell non-oil-fueled automobile in accordance with requirements of local laws and regulations in any countries and regions.” At Frankfurt Motor Show, Chen Anning mapped Chery’s future technology roadmap to the media.

(Road demonstration scene of Chery’s second-generation intelligent network connection vehicle technology)

With the advent of new technological revolution, innovative technologies are becoming the vital forces to shape new global industry pattern. Chery has taken the lead in making a layout in such forward-looking technology sectors as intelligent interconnection, big data, cloud computing, etc. In the intelligent interconnection technology sector, Chery is researching and developing some new technologies, such as gesture control, face identification, eye tracking, AR-HUD (Augmented Reality Head-Up Display), intelligent cab, etc. Furthermore, Chery also showed its up-to-date intelligent network connection technology outcomes - Chery’s second-generation intelligent network connection vehicle at the World Internet of Things Convention 2017, and successfully performed the on-site road demonstration.

Being China’s earliest enterprise to do research into V2X (Vehicle to X) technology, Chery Automobile has completed research and development of two-generation intelligent network connection vehicle, developed intelligent driving platform and intelligent interconnection platform, mastered some key technologies such as environmental perception, inertial navigation positioning, system integration, bottom actuating, multi-information fusion, intelligent decision-making, simulation testing and intelligent interconnection, as well as some key technologies of intelligent interconnection platform such as high precision positioning, vehicle collaborative control, human-vehicle intelligent interaction, information security, etc., and undertaken some national-level relevant subjects. Currently, the third-generation intelligent network connection vehicle under development is a HAD automobile with the industrialization ability based on Chery’s EQ electric vehicle platform, which has realized its small-lot demonstration.

Opportunity is only given to those who are well-prepared. Just as Warren Buffett says: “it’s only when the tide goes out that you know who is swimming naked.” In the face of such transition of global automobile industry, Chery Automobile is well-prepared.