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03 Nov2017
Overseas Owners of Chery Vehicles Finished Trip to China

Communications between the Western and Eastern have never ended. Openness, passion and explorations in the West have deeply influenced modern civilization. At the same time, the Westerners are fascinated by the mystery, secrets and traditions in the East. In 2017, Chery, the leading automobile brand in China, celebrated its 20th anniversary. By organizing the activity Sharing Chery Stories on social media, 20 lucky overseas fans (including their family members) are selected and invited to China to experience the splendid and tolerant oriental civilization. On October 20-27, the lucky fans visited places of interest in Shanghai, Nanjing and Wuhu to experience the great changes in China. They also visited Chery headquarters to sense the profound charm of Chery.    


 (Group photo of fans in the Bund of Shanghai)

On October 22, they started their China tour in Shanghai. The fans of Chery visited the historic City God Temple and the art street Tianzifang in Shanghai, the metropolitan that integrates contemporary and ancient elements and art. Then they took CRH to Nanjing, their second stop in China. The fans were amazed by the China Speed, thus having deeper understanding of rapid development in the country. These lucky fans of Chery made a tour of Qinhuai River to enjoy the night view, visited the President Mansion to understand the revolution period, toured the Xuanwu Lake to learn about the splendid history of Ming Dynasty and enjoyed the sidewalk snacks to understand daily life of average Chinese people. The joyful fans said they felt like making time travels in China in the past few days, experiencing China,modern and ancient.


 (Chery fans in CRH to experience China Speed)

In the end, they reached Wuhu, where Chery headquarters are located, to visit its factory and laboratory and experience in person the essence of Chery products and corporate culture. The fans visited Chery engine factory, general assembly and welding workshops to witness the precise operations of all technical processes in Chery. They were deeply impressed by the product quality ensured by the precise, strict and critical process, the concentration of Chery technicians and the proficient skills of Chery workers. Even more, they were quite impressed by the advanced Chery Laboratories that guarantee the product performance. To sum up, the fans were amazed by everything they saw in Chery headquarters in Wuhu.


 (Fans taking a group photo in Chery headquarters in Wuhu)

To enhance their experience, Chery arranged the fans to test drive TIGGO7 and T17 (internal model name). On the exquisitely-designed tracks, the fans fully experienced the exceptional performance of TIGGO7 and T17 in control, safety and high-tech configurations. They were generous to give praises to these two models, taking photos by using mobile phones and immersing themselves in the fun of driving. In the most considerate way, Chery prepared meaningful gifts for the fans, hoping they could bring the pleasure to more overseas consumers.


 (Chery fans experiencing fun of test driving/riding)

Sweet hours always pass quickly. In the trip to China, the fans of Chery not only experienced the civilization evolution, but also felt the all-new life energy presented when modern technologies are instilled in the ancient civilization.

(Chery leaders taking a group photo with its fans)

Based on the excellent product experience, Chery also focuses on improving the service satisfaction and brand care, dedicated to disseminating Chery quality into all aspects of global consumer’s lives. The Chery Fans Tour China represents Chery efforts to improve its service force, thus gaining praise from its fans. In the future, Chery will continue to focus on users and brand experience to organize more dynamic and quality interactions with users so as to improve the user experience featuring Enjoy Your Life.