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03 Nov2017
Chery Made Presence in Lima Auto Show

On October 26, Lima Auto Show was held in Jockey Exhibition Center after the previous session was held three years ago. The event attracted more than 50 automobile brands from all over the world and nearly one million visitors. As one of the largest auto shows in the region, Lima Auto Show has a long history in Peru and Latin America, regarded as the best venue and entrance for major auto brands to enter local market. Chery presented eight models in the event, including TIGGO2, TIGGO3 and TIGGO5.

(Chery stand)

The extraordinary design and attractive models brought many visitors and querying consumers to Chery stand. After watching these models and learning about details, local consumers said they were most attracted by the fascinating appearance and large space of TIGGO series, and felt assured of their travels because of the high-tech configurations and excellent safety performance.

(Chery stand)

Chery products have covered the mainstream segmented market in Peru. By making presence in Lima Auto Show, Chery consolidates the brand reputation in local market, showing its ambition and strength to explore market in South America. Chery has attracted so much attention because it keeps making technical innovations while making adaptive development and improvements according to the environment and features of Peru users so as to provide the best and most advanced products. It is worth noting the TIGGO products displayed in the Auto Show are sold in more than 80 countries and regions. With one million users in the world, it has become a popular model. 70,000 TIGGO3 units have been sold in Iran. For four years in a row, it won the title of Best-selling Model for the Year in Peru. Besides, TIGGO5 became a candidate for the Best SUV Model for 2014 in Chile before it won the Effie Awards in Chile, meaning the product quality is highly recognized by consumers and market. TIGGO2, which was launched globally in the beginning of this year, received huge orders and great favor in Peru, Chile, Peru and Russia because of its appearance, practical use and high cost effectiveness


(Gold Award of SUV Products for 2016 by Nitro, an auto magazine in Peru)

Since entering Peru market in 2007, Chery has ranked No. 1 among China’s auto brands operating in Peru. In 2017, Nitro, the famous auto magazine in Peru, gave the title of Gold Award for SUV products for 2016 to TIGGO family, recognizing the power of the products. As the new-generation Chery products are put into use in 2018, TIGGO series will have new models in it to form more diverse product matrix and effectively improve the market share and brand influence of Chery’s SUV products in Peru. In the future, Chery will organize more marketing activities to improve brand image and fame.