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06 Nov2017
Chery products integrate black technologies as smart wave surges

Cloudrive, driverless cars, V2X (Vehicle to X), these intelligent technologies may only exist in your imagination, but today they are already leading the tide of technological innovation in the global automobile industry. As a leading Chinese automobile brand, Chery is committed to bringing consumers a smarter car life with pioneering innovation as well as the development and application of intelligent networking technologies.

In the near future, the IOV technology will turn the car into another intelligent terminal following the smart phone. The realization of this technology will greatly change people’s lifestyle, enrich the forms of infotainment and meet various personalized needs. In the field of intelligent interconnected cars, Chery is already working on gesture control, facial recognition, eye tracking, AR-HUD (augmented reality head-up display), smart cockpit and other technologies. For example, in three to five years, with the user sitting in a Chery car, the eye tracking technology will enable the camera to capture the driver’s state in a real time manner, tell whether he/she is in the risk of fatigue driving, drunk driving or sudden illness, in which case a seat vibration or other forms of warning will immediately be issued. If the driver cannot control or handle the situation by him/herself, the IOV will record the driver’s state and quickly transmit it to the hospital, public security organ or insurance company, which can navigate the vehicle, offer medical support, give an alarm and provide rescue services. The industry-leading eye tracking technology is scheduled to be widely applied in the next generation Chery products around 2020.

 (A road show of Chery’s second generation intelligent interconnected cars)

 V2X (Vehicle to X) is another hot word in the automobile circles. As we all know, X stands for everything. It means that the car can exchange information with any object out there. And it can sense the surroundings, quickly make adjustments and analyse real-time traffic information to improve travel efficiency. Additionally, V2X research will also improve the driver’s comfort, save energy and reduce emissions, even allow senior and disabled people to drive. At the 2017 International Conference on the Internet of Things, Chery unveiled its second generation intelligent interconnected car equipped with the latest V2X technology and successfully conducted a live road show.

As the first Chinese enterprise to develop V2X (Vehicle to X) technology, Chery Automobile has developed two generations of intelligent interconnected cars and has established the smart driving and intelligent interconnection platforms. It has mastered eight key technologies, namely environment perception, inertial navigation and positioning, system integration, underlying implementation, multi-information fusion, intelligent decision-making, simulation testing and intelligent interconnection. Moreover, it possesses key intelligent interconnection platform technologies such as high-precision positioning, vehicle coordinated control, intelligent vehicle-to-people interaction and information security and has successively undertaken a number of national research projects. Its third generation intelligent interconnected car, now at the stage of development, is a highly-automated car based on the EQ electric vehicle platform and has entered small quantity demonstration production.

(An application scenario of future intelligent interconnected cars)

To date, Chery has made major breakthroughs in infotainment, intelligent interconnection and other areas. Both the Cloudrive system that Chery is vigorously promoting and the EQ driverless car jointly developed by Chery and Baidu have achieved major breakthroughs in key areas of automobile technology. And the automated driving technology has completed demonstration operation in the open urban road environment. We believe that Chery Automobile, with its brand-new intelligent ecosystem, will soon change people’s lifestyle and create a brighter future.