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11 Nov2017
Chery released “WWW+ plan” to open its new strategic global market blueprint in the new intelligence era

On Nov 11th, Chery Automobile Co., Ltd released its “WWW+ plan” in Beijing and announced to open its strategic global market blueprint in the new intelligence era. As an important step and actual action in this big strategic layout, Chery Automobile signed a strategic cooperation agreement on site with CAOA, the biggest automobile manufacturer and retailer in Brazil. Both sides will take deep cooperation in R&D, manufacturing, purchasing, sales and other fields, jointly reinforcing Chery’s brand influence in Latin-America.

Conference site

On the conference site, Chery’s global marketing team, which realized the landing of “WWW+ plan”, struck an eye-catching pose on the stage. The team is led by He Xiaoqing, Vice President of Chery Automobile responsible for the marketing and sales module, consisting of Pan Yanlong, GM of Chery International Corp, Jia Yaquan, GM of domestic marketing and sales Corp, Lorenz Glaab, responsible for EXEED business development in Europe and North American market, which all form a mighty combined force for the synchronous advancement of global market.

Exactly at the timing marking the 20th anniversary of Chery’s establishment and as the leader of the automobile industry maintaining the first place 14 years in a row in the export of passenger vehicles in China, Chery got high attention from the industry inside and outside, all sectors of society, medias from home and abroad by releasing its global market strategy the first time. Marcos Caramuru De Paiva, the Brazilian Ambassador to China, representatives from Argentine and Uruguayan embassies and consulates to China, and over 400 medias from home and abroad jointly witnessed this grand strategic news conference.

Chen Anning, the general manager from Chery Automobile is communicating with Marcos, Brazil ambassador to China.

  “The automobile industry is faced with a new era with benign and healthy development, a new era with smart and green development. Under this background, Chery formulated WWW+ plan”, said He Xiaoqing, who explained the connotation of “WWW+ plan” on site. It is a plan combining World Wide Wisdom, Win-Win and Wired Intelligence, Plus means sustainability, advancing with times and unlimited possibilities.

Gathering “global wisdom”, forging Chinese Namecard

The first W in Chery’s “WWW+ plan” stands for Wisdom, in detail, gathering global wisdom and promoting Chinese culture. Looking through the automobile industry development in various countries, none of giant international automobile enterprises didn’t benefit from globalization. Participating in global market competition and realizing brand internationalization is an inevitable way for the development of domestic automobile enterprises. In 2001, the first Chery car went abroad, till now, the export sales volume in aggregate has exceeded 1.3 million, accounting for 30% of exported Chinese passenger vehicles within the same period. In this year, Chery has exported over 100 thousand vehicles. Chery adds an overseas user every 5 minutes, Globally, every 0.75 minute there will be a new Chery user.

From Latin-America to Middle East, from places with severe cold, ice and snow to blistering deserts and gobis, Chery’s wheels roll in over 80 countries and regions abroad, which also disseminates Chinese culture. No matter seizing the opportunity of national “Belt and Road Initiative”, or taking the initiative to tap European and American mainstream market, Chery always takes open and creative mindset to consolidate global resources, organically integrate enterprise wisdom with that of Chinese and global partners, thereby opening a new pattern for self-owned brands to realize internationalization.


overseas launch of Chery Arrizo 5

 “To realize the global market coverage, we must not only ‘step outward, but also ‘move forward’ and ’go upward’”, said Pan Yanlong, VP of Chery Automobile and GM of International Corp, who gave a brief introduction about Chery’s overseas layout in the strategy news conference. Before 2013, Chery has successfully ‘step outward’, taking developing countries as the entry point, seizing trade opportunities and tapping overseas market. From 2014 to 2020, Chery will ‘move forward’, proactively set up new-emerging market, implement active planning and management, promote the improvement of marketing ability and advance brand building. After 2020, Chery will ‘go upward’, finish the global layout, comprehensively implement brand strategies and become a world class brand with global competitiveness.

When the export business of many Chinese automobile enterprises is still at the stage of commodity trade, Chery, “good at global planning”, is taking the transition from “market operation” to “global operation” quietly. Upgrading from pure product output to diversified output of product, technology, brand and culture, Chery hopes to become the fashionable and young brand in overseas customers’ minds, while becoming a piece of “name card” of Chinese automobile industry in the whole world. As a matter of fact, in some overseas market, Chery has become one of the representatives of Chinese automobile industry. In the surveys of 2015 and 2016 “Top 20 Overseas Images of Chinese Enterprises” sponsored by the Information Office of the State Council, Chery ranked first in equipment manufacturing industry, being the only selected automobile manufacturing enterprise.

Consolidate global resource, realize win-win cooperation

The second W in Chery’s various countries means Win-Win, in detail, consolidating global premium resources in an open-minded manner and further realizing win-win cooperation. Regarding the market strategy, Chery hopes to fully respect cooperation partners, carry out comprehensive technology, capital and resource cooperation with the industry inside and outside, all parties from home and abroad with an open mindset, jointly forge global production and sales network, promote brand reputation and popularity, thereby realizing the win-win cooperation under the globalization background.

The contract-signing cooperation between Chery Automobile and Brazilian CAOA Group vividly demonstrates “global win-win cooperation”. Both sides plan to set up an united team, make full use of bilateral R&D, production capacity, channels and other advantages and resources, continuously increase the capital and resource input in Brazil, jointly enhance Chery’s brand influence in Brazil. They also agree to launch 2-3 new products every year highly conforming with local customers’ demand in the Brazilian market in the next several years.

With the deployment of Chery’s global production and market layout, more and more world-class enterprises will appear on the list of Chery’s cooperation partners. In its present international supply-chain system, the number of Top500 part enterprises cooperating with Chery directly has reached 60. Besides, Chery has carried out joint venture cooperation with nearly 20 Top500 enterprises, which cover many fields of automobile industry chain’s upstream and downstream, such as, engine technology, new material technology, information technology, automobile electronics, interior and exterior , automobile lighting and so on.

Suppliers, dealers, users, strategic investors….all are partners Chery hopes to join hands for the win-win cooperation. Jia Yaquan, Vice GM of Chery Automobile and GM of the marketing and sales Corp, when introducing the domestic market and brand development path, also mentioned especially “insisting on the cooperation concept of win-win collaboration”, establishing more scientific profit model, forging regional marketing and sales system with complete procedures, while taking customers’ interest as the core, making dealers get profit, relieving customers’ worries with a sincere attitude and winning customers’ trust via professional service.

After firstly launched in Chinese market in 2016, Tiggo7, developed based on the international first-rate positive system and produced with the supporting of global supply-chain, has hit the market in Iran, Chile successively. In the future, it will also land in Egypt, Middle East and other market, which enables it to become a genuine “global car”.

Focus on wired intelligence, guide life styles

Although modern automobile industry is always dominated by western countries, can Chinese brands only be followers? Chen Anning, GM of Chery Automobile Co., Ltd, responded: “Technically speaking, I think Chinese brands have been well prepared, not weaker than joint venture brands at all, no matter in chassis, power assembly, safety, or other specific technology.”

The third W in Chery’s “WWW+ plan” refers to Wired, in detail, Wired intelligence and guiding the life styles in the new era. As for product strategy, Chery will always be centered on customer, continuously keep the technological precedence and the advantage of new energy development, put emphasis on breaking through the technology of wired intelligence, thereby providing customers with a kind of “life style in the new age of intelligent cars”.

As a matter of fact, wired intelligence and new energy may become a possibility for self-owned brands to “counterattack” international giants. In this year’s Frankfurt International Auto Show, Chery was exhibited in the same hall as Lexus and other luxurious brands and European mainstream brands, which is a tremendous recognition for Chinese brand. Many European peers also appraised highly for Chery’s EXEED products. Especially, when Chery’s EXEED TX show car debuted globally, the always-tough European authority medias and audiences also exclaimed “incredible”. EXEED TX not only possesses strength comparable with foreign brands in exterior appearance design, power, platform technologies, but also is equipped with many “advanced technologies”, such as, face identification, smart voicing, enhanced reality and so on, thus having the advantage of wired intelligence. EXEED, this high-end product series, will also become the pioneer of Chery to tap European market in the future.


 People gradually find that Chinese automobile brands not only leave a deep impression in the aspects of exterior appearance design, quality and performance, they even get the better of foreign enterprises in terms of new energy and wired intelligence due to the support of national policies. Lorenz Glaab, responsible for EXEED’s business development in Europe  and North America market, stated at the conference that, based on the fuel pressure in Europe and North America market, Chery will provide more new energy vehicles to satisfy the requirements from mature market.

In the aspect of wired intelligence application, as the first automobile enterprise in China owing the underlying control technology, Chery is establishing the new ecology of intelligence and mobile trips centered on user experience. In the World Internet Conference held in China in Sep of 2016, EQ, the unmanned car jointly developed by Chery and Baidu, demonstrated its autonomous driving under open urban road conditions. Besides, Chery formulates “124 strategy for intelligent network”, that is, forging 1 intelligently connected life circle integrating people, car and life, establishing 2 creative technology platforms of auto driving and wired intelligence, implementing through 4 stages and fulfilling complete autonomous driving till 2020.

 “The plus symbol in “WWW+” means sustainability, advancing with times and unlimited possibilities. The goal of Chery’s globalization strategy is to transform the current international brand of Chinese automobiles to a world-famous automobile brand”. In the global strategy blueprint depicted by He Xiaoqing, the rapidly-developing intelligence era provides an expansion space with unlimited possibilities for the development of the automobile industry. As a self-owned brand of Chinese nation, Chery will be dedicated to becoming “a badge on Chinese state card”, developing products to meet the requirements of customers from different market, and providing the best service. “We hope Chery can become the representative of Chinese manufacturing and quality, the representative of Chinese design and creation, the representative of Chinese brand and culture, the representative of Chinese wisdom and strength, also become a Chinese symbol flowing in global cities and villages, streets and alleys, which is the supreme goal of our global market strategy.”