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05 Dec2017
ARRIZO5 EV Received Gold Prize of Industrial Design, Meaning CHERY DESIGN Was Upgraded

On November 23, at the opening of the 4th Industrial Design Competition & 12th China Industrial Design Week held in Anhui Province, which was themed on “design leading the future; intelligence improves quality”. ARRIZO5 EV beat all competitors to get Gold Prize of industrial design. At the same time, Chery Automobile Industrial Design Center was upgraded into the national-level industrial design center, showing that Chery has accumulated the powerful strength in industrial design. It is of vital importance to push forward transformation and upgrading of manufacturing industry and improving the competitiveness of manufacturing industry. On November 27, ARRIZO5 EV made debut in Tehran International Auto Show in Iran, attracting many visitors to appreciate or experience it. Iran consumers are full of expectations for the new-energy model of Chery because of its wonderful market performance and brand reputations.


(ARRIZO5 EV won Anhui Gold Prize of Industrial Design)

ARRIZO5 EV, a Chery Design, won Gold Prize of Industrial Design

As the latest new-energy model of Chery, ARRIZO5 EV was launched in mainland China in this August. In the competition, ARRIZO5 EV got the Gold Prize, the highest prize in it.

In appearance, the model carries on the design language of ARRIZO5. Inspired by the dynamic and smooth water flows in the nature, it presents the most dynamic, emotional, confident, young, futuristic and progressive power of aesthetics.



In trimmings, ARRIZO5 EV console table adopts the upward-going trimming lines, representing the swimmers swimming forward. The ice-blue dashboard gives the EV high-tech sense. The geometrical lines, which stretch forward in levels, are dotted with metal lights, presenting the modern sense in stability, matching the needs of ARRIZO5 EV users for young and who pursue stylish elements and life quality.


(ARRIZO5 EV trimmings)

In recent years, Chery has kept improving the V-shaped positive R&D system and process that matches the international norm. Automobile design is becoming an important and integral part of positive R&D system. In 2015, Chery Concept β model received the Gold Prize in the 2nd Anhui Industrial Design Competition. In 2016, Chery TIGGO 7 won the Premium Award in the 3rd Industrial Design Competition. In international market, Chery TX concept vehicle, the prototype model of TIGGO 7, received the title of Best Concept Vehicle for 2012 in Geneva Auto Show, and the first place of Best Automobile Design Award for 2012 granted by Auto? Design Europe. In January this year, TIGGO 7, thanks to its excellent appearance design and quality, received the title of Best Production Car Design China 2016 granted by CARSTYLING, the world-top auto appearance design magazine.

With fruitful results, Chery becomes the national-level industrial designer of China

At the opening ceremony of the Industrial Design Competition, the Department of Industries in the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of China released the list of National Industrial Design Centers for 2017, declaring that Chery’s Industrial Design Center is included in the list, thus becoming one of the national-level industrial design centers in China.

When global manufacturing industry is adjusting the structure and making transformation and upgrading in recent years, industrial designs are capturing attention. As the automobile brand of China, Chery keeps making innovations on its own. By accumulating positively the huge technical strength, it has gained thousands of patents in independent R&D and industrial designs, thus winning great praise and recognition from relevant administrations and automobile industry in China. By becoming the national-level industrial design center, it will help upgrade industrial design competency of Chery and instill dynamics for rapid growth of industrial design in China.