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21 Dec2017
Cheers for the Championship! Chery Tiggo7 Team Won the Reputation of Triple Crown of FASC.

On Dec. 18, SUN Baoli, Chery Tiggo 7 team's civilian driver became famous after this competition, he won the championship of challenge 2017 COC Finals. Chery Tiggo 7 team won again the championship of the year in the multi vendor team by virtue after they won 5 stations championship of this season’s COC and 2 stations best driver award, they also won the championship of multi vendor team in the Taklimakan Rally team and were awarded Triple Crown, which is a perfect ending for the highest level event in 2017 China's off-road competition season.

(TIGGO 7 Drivers Taking Photo on the Podium)

Championship Moment, Salute to Triple Crown

As the highest level of site off-road competition in China, COC is full of adventure, excitement and challenge. Famous teams and players from all over China compete at Bishan Autodrome in Chongqing in China. They not only show excellent corner overtaking, every team's smart strategy and cooperation also make audience feel excited!

Fierce competition is fantastic to watch, especially in the very decisive moment of the race, the collision of speed and passion also make audience excited. This event not only fully optimizes the competition parts such as Speedway platform, Wave Road, Cannonball Pit, Hump, and Bawang Circle, but also significantly increases the suspense, and arouses audience's interests and curiosity.

(competition site)

With the finals came to an end, Annual awards ceremony for FASC was held in that evening, Chery Tiggo 7 team won the annual championship in multi vendor team with excellent performance in this season and that night. Together with finals Champion of challenge team and previously obtained champion in multi vendor team of Taklimakan Rally, Chery Tiggo 7 team won the reputation of "Triple Crown" in the annual off-road competition.

(The group photo of TIGGO 7 drivers on the podium)

(Competition site)

2017 is an unusual year. In the China Around TaklimakanInternationalRally  held by Hami in Jun. 2017, Chery team appoints TIGGO7 to take part in the Taklimakan Rally, successfully finishing the whole Taklimakan journey which is called “oriental Dakar”, they also won the champion of the multi vendor team of gasoline group, creating a great miracle since the start of the Taklimakan Rally in 2005 and showing great power of Chinese brand to the whole world.

(Competition site)

Championship Quality, Inborn Driving Gene

As the flagship SUV under Chery Strategy 2.0, Tiggo 7 has been receiving continuous attention from consumers and the media for its superior product capabilities. The reason that Tiggo 7 can attract consumers  and accumulate a large number of fans quickly , not only because its accurate insight of the market and consumers, but also its unique brand charm and super high cost performance, as well as increasingly improving car manufacturing technology and product quality.

(TIGGO7 gorgeous appearance)

Tiggo 7 has world-class 1.5T + DCT strong and high-efficient power, which leads to the 37.1% thermal efficiency and 6.3L of 100 km fuel consumption. These performances provide lifetime warranty for engine, doing far better than other same level cars. It has strong and efficient power combination performances, the top automotive power core technology and excellent fuel energy which is superior to joint ventures, not only performing best in the competition varieties, but also reaching the world-class standards.

As a "global car", Tiggo 7 has a comprehensive international background. In addition to the internationalization of production and marketing, Tiggo 7 relies on international-standard T1X platform based on the Jaguar and Land Rover technology, which gathers top 500 enterprise suppliers around the world to share research personnel, conduct test standards and underpan alignment.

Driving in the battlefield, leading the future, Chery car team continues forging ahead in the pursuit of the championship. Let's expect Tiggo SUV family which inherits the racing genes to bring the concepts of "Fun to Drive" to global users in the future. Enjoy driving the smart car, and the everlasting splendidness.