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28 Dec2017
Robust Quality Helps Chery TIGGO7 Receive C-NCAP Five-star Result Again

On December 26, 2017, China Automotive Technology & Research Center (CATARC) released the evaluation results in the fourth batch of C-NCAP models and second batch of vehicle-mounted children restraint system. As the most representative model of Chery, TIGGO7 received five-star result with 56.6 scores. As a matter of fact, this is the seventh time for Chery to obtain such recognition, with ARRIZO5, TIGGO5, ARRIZO7, ARRIZO3, G3 and A3 receiving the five-star result before TIGGO7 did so.

Chery establishes itself by constantly optimizing the industrial structure and upgrading its technologies and safety. As the authoritarian safety testing body in China, C-NCAP is the testing & evaluating rule developed by CATARC on the basis of studying and analyzing NCAP in other countries, which has made extensive technological exchanges and tests while considering automotive standards, laws and regulations, road traffic realities and model characteristics in China.

TIGGO7 attended the fourth-batch C-NCAP collision test in 2017, which has very extremely strict rules and follows the new evaluation rules of C-NCAP issued in 2015, in which the whiplash test takes the lowest score. First of all, scores will be deducted if the rear-seat dummy sinks after the collision; second, the evaluation raises the threshold value for four-star and five-star results, with five-star minimum score rising from 52 to 54. Besides, if fire breaks out in the vehicle within three minutes after the collision, star degradation will occur. Even more, higher requirements are raised for restraint system.

As the representative SUV that combines the many advantages of T1X platform, TIGGO7, after experiencing the rounds of tests and matching verifications, proves its optimal performance. The six airbags provide the holistic protection or passengers and drivers. At the same time, TIGGO7 also provides the distinctive 360o monitoring system, including the four top-level active safety configurations, namely, BSD, LDW, LCA and RCTA to better prevent against traffic risks and protect safety of passengers and drivers.

TIGGO7 adopts the world-class integrated cage body structure featuring high strength. More than 60% of the body uses highly-strong steels and six key parts use highly-strong Benteler thermal-forming steels only used in luxury models, with super-highly-strong steels reaching 8%. The unique enclosed sub-frame structure improves collision stability and energy-absorbing characteristics.

Till today, TIGGO7 has been launched in Iran, Chile, U.A.E. and other countries, receiving great praise and recognition from overseas consumers. And it will be launched into more countries in the future. The C-NCAP five-star result gained by TIGGO7 proves again the best quality of Chery products, which will definitely trigger another round of safety upgrading in automobile industry and bring new opportunities for the brand.