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29 Dec2017
Amateur Owners Received 2017 COC Championship with TIGGO7

Each car race is the best opportunity to test vehicle technologies and quality. On December 18, 2017, COC final was held in Bishan of Chongqing. As one of the few competing manufacturers, Chery excelled among the more than 100 competing vehicles in over 40 professional teams thanks to the exceptional performance of TIGGO7, thus gaining the championship in 2017 COC final. Different from other manufacturers, Chery presented the free style in terms of the contestants in the event.


Amateur racing cars and racers obtained Championship?

For a vehicle manufacturer in China, racing in COC needs courage. In particular, it is the first time for Chery to compete in some events. However, Chery not only sent amateur cars to the COC, but also sent TIGGO7, presenting the free-styled attitude.

In June this year, Chery brought TIGGO7 to China Around Taklimakan (International) Rally. To the surprise of many people, TIGGO7 not only finalized the entire Rally known as Oriental Dakar, but also beat FAW Toyota Prado team to get the T2.1 Manufacturer Championship in 2017 China Around Taklimakan (International) Rally.


In addition to the championship of 2017 COC Challenge Team and 2017 China Around Taklimakan (International) Rally Manufacturers Team, Chery also gained general championship in FASC 2017 Season Manufacturers Team, receiving the title for three years in a row.

It is worth noting that Chery team in COC final contained an amateur racer, whose name is Sun Baoli. He is an ordinary TIGGO7 owner. When attending the I Am Driver campaign organized by Chery, he excelled among the more than 30,000 Chery owners.

Amateur racers also competent

It is really rare to see the amateur racing car of TIGGO7 driven by an amateur racer winning the championship. TIGGO7 made wonderful performance in both COC and 2017 China Around Taklimakan (International) Rally, which revealed its all-road control given by the professional T1X of SUV models, thus proving the international strength of Chery products.


The TIGGO7, which won the championship in 2017 China Around Taklimakan (International) Rally, has appearance close to batch-product vehicles. Its details are calibrated towards racing car. However, the power and chassis were not refitted.


The racing car is equipped with 1.5T engine. The robust power output helps TIGGO7 drive on the flat ground in Hami Gobi, whose suspension is the same as the batch-production vehicles. However, improvements have been made in damping. The wonderful passing ability and control performance ensure TIGGO7 drove freely on Kubutage desert known as the Beheaded Sands.

It is known that TIGGO7 is the flagship model in Chery strategy 2.0. Since launched in the market, it has attracted many owners thanks to the robust product force. In the form of amateur racer and vehicle, Chery won the championship, reflecting its persistence in pursuit of high-quality products and techniques. It also reveals TiGGO7, representing the automobiles of China, has made wonderful quality improvement.

In addition to China’s market, TIGGO7 has been launched in Iran, Chile and U.A.E., etc. Thanks to the pioneering appearance, excellent control and highly-intelligent luxury quality, it has gained favor and recognition from overseas consumers. In the future, Chery will adopt the global market strategy to introduce TIGGO7 and more new models in overseas markets, thus improving the product portfolio. At the same time, through the rich branding and marketing campaigns, it will build the image of global automobile brand full of vigor and charm.