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11 Jan2018
Sponsoring COPA UC in Chile, Chery Gains More Proficiency in Sports Marketing

In 2017, Chery continued to be the leading exporter of automobiles in China, whose sales in overseas markets rose by 22.3% YOY. Till now, Chery products have been sold in more than 80 countries and regions in the world, thus gaining the influence of international brand. In a little more than 10 years, Chery has obtained recognition from global consumers, mostly attributing to the sports marketing efforts made by Chery. Automobiles and sports have many similarities. Both focus on speed, dynamics and passion. And both break through limits of age, race and gender to connect people. For Chery, sports marketing can establish consumers’ sentiment towards brand before they realize it, so as to draw closer relations with consumers and enhance the emotional influence and appeal of the brand.

In December 2017, Chery sponsored COPA UC in Chile. Since its inception in 1995, COPA UC has a history of 16 years. Each event is attended by eight teams, most of which come from U17 national teams in Central and South America, and teams among Top 3 in the League. Proportions of national teams and club teams attending the event differ in odd and even years. COPA UC has extensive influence in Central and South America. During the event, Chery is active to conduct online and offline marketing activities such as free giving of tickets, event coverage in social media, CAR SHOW and on-site interactive games. COPA UC lasts five years. By using the influence of the event and the online/offline activities, Chery has successfully enhanced brand exposure. This is another major campaign of Chery to make sports marketing, after it sponsored national football team of Chile in 2013 and Club Deportivo Universidad Católica in the beginning of 2017.

Before entering a new market, Chery would always study the factors and consumer features in the local market so as to organize a number of sports marketing activities with Chery characteristics. By combining the brand connotations and sports spirit and working in the field for years, Chery has become the brand pioneer of overseas sports marketing. In 2012, Chery worked with Iran Olympics Organizing Committee to give for free Chery cars to Iran athletes competing in the Olympics. In 2016, the two parties joined hands again to boost sports development in Iran. Besides, in the FIFA World Cup period in Brazil in 2014, it conducted the campaign “Seeking 11 Players”; before the Copa América in 2015, Chery organized the online campaign called Crazy Football. In 2016, it delivered advertisements of TIGGO5 in FOX Sports Channel in Argentina and sponsored the Derby game between Boca Juniors and River Plate in La Primera División del Fútbol Argentino. The series of sports marketing activities help Chery brand win attention and recognition from global consumers, and obtain the wonderful fame and extensive reputation in the international market.

In 2018, Chery will continue to carry on sports marketing campaigns and sponsor football competitions in the world. Besides, Chery is active to take social responsibilities, sponsor sports events and help people with ambitions for sports realize their dream. Compared with the constrained work of China’s other brands in overseas marketing, the sports marketing of Chery fully represents the positive dynamics of China’s auto brands, perfectly combines marketing with the spirit of brand and become a model for China’s automobile brands to participate in global automobile industry.