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29 Jan2018
Win the Honor of Best "Employer" Again Chery has won "TOP 100 Best Employer in 2017"

A few days ago, on the award ceremony of 2017 "Best Employer" sponsored by, the domestic famous mobile social contact recruitment platform exclusive to the young people, Chery stood out from 1.6 million enterprises and entered "Top 100 Best Employer in 2017" with the comprehensive strength of the brand successfully. This is the second time for Chery to win the honor of best "Employer" after it was successfully selected into "Top 100 Best Employer in 2017 of China"., as a recruitment website, mainly matches the best working opportunity for the young working people, expands their career interpersonal connections, improves the career value, and serves the recruitment industry through the internet thought and the mode of subverting the recruitment industry, which has a great influence on the young people. "Best Employer" is the only employer appraisal competition in our country that connects the dialogue approach between employers and employees sponsored by In this appraisal, the sponsor adopted the employer 4C index as the judgment condition for the first time, showed the employer brand value by data quantization to select the premium employer in a broad manner, and adopted appraisal sections such as simultaneous voting of multiple ports' linkage and offline evaluation of hundred-people delegation for the best employer. The sponsor finally selected the list of best employers from more than 3,000 companies based on the evaluation of 50 million businessmen and the annual employer brand effect of 1.6 million enterprises.

That Chery can top the list of "Best Employer" from the strict appraisal should not be separated from the good corporate cultural atmosphere and talent mechanism. Since the beginning of establishment, Chery has been devoted to creating the real internationally first-rate brand, and regarded talents as the first impetus of corporate development by sticking to the talent concept of "being people-oriented, open and tolerant". It sticks to the employment mechanism of "retaining people with sincere emotions, attracting people with wonderful career, training people with tough work, cultivating people with effective learning, motivating people with reasonable system" and makes Chery be the best employer in the eyes of employees, so that many talented people find the broad platform of realizing their own values. It is called as the "Huangpu Military Academy" in the Chinese automobile industry by many people amiably.

While providing the reasonable and competitive growth space and platform for employees, Chery tries to create a good corporate culture, create the atmosphere of respecting employees and keep perfecting the welfare treatment. For example, it establishes the differentiated talent reward salary system in terms of the welfare policies such as salary incentive, retention mechanism and children' education. Strengthen talents' concern and participation in the long-term development of enterprises.

International talent team of Chery

For a long time, talents have been the important part of the "fundamental resources" of enterprises and become the "chip" of corporate competition. The good talent mechanism allows Chery to attract the global elite talents. Meanwhile, it also lays the foundation for the formation of the good reputation of enterprise and modeling of the employer brand. At present, Chery has formed a R&D team composed of 3,500 persons. 300 of them are the high-level talents from Europe, the United States, Japan and South Korea. There are also more than 680 masters and doctors and 16 experts have been selected into the national "Recruitment Program of Global Experts". Chery has realized the interaction among advanced technologies, flow and talent resources through introducing the international high-end talents. It has also formed a young, international and diversified talent echelon, which provides the vitality for Chery's technical R&D and deepening of international strategic layout.

As is introduced by related responsible person of human resources of Chery, in recent years, Chery has been placing talent strategy in the important position and has set up a whole set of strategic human resource system, including talent introduction and retention, employee development and cultivation, salary incentive and evaluation. In order to promote the synchronous development of employees and the enterprise, Chery has divided all the employees into three series, including administrative management, specialized technique and technical worker. It also has designed three growth and promotion routes respectively, so as to stimulate the learning and grow-up of employees. Meanwhile, it takes advantage of the resource advantages of the two joint venture brands including QOROS and Chery Jaguar Land Rover to promote talent exchange and keep enriching the "talent pool" of "Big Chery". It is exactly the competitive salary welfare and individual development system that makes Chery people be devoted into work with the active working enthusiasm and limitless creative vitality, which not only promotes the individual working efficiency and the pace of moving forward of the enterprise.