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06 Feb2018
Chery Ecuador enters into new stage of development

The opening ceremony of Chery Ecuador Duran 4S Store was held on February 1, 2018. Du Weiqiang, Executive Vice General President of Chery International attended the ribbon-cutting ceremony along with senior executives of Chery's Ecuadorian distributor-Maresa, representatives of Chery's eight dealers in Ecuador's western coastal areas as well as representatives of local mainstream media. "With the launch of its new-generation products like Tiggo 2, Chery will further improve its product layout in Ecuador, focus on brand building and network marketing capacity improvement, and enhance its brand influence in Ecuador. Now Chery sells nearly 300 units in Ecuador every month, and is expected to sell more than 3,000 units and hold a market share of 5 percent in 2018," said Du at the opening ceremony.

(Opening ceremony of Chery Duran 4S Store)

Since Chery's entry into Ecuador in 2009, the cumulative sales reached nearly 20,000 units and the market share in the van segment reached 60 percent. In social responsibility, immediately after a catastrophic earthquake hit Ecuador in 2016, Chery delivered emergency supplies to the quake-hit areas to help locals tide over difficulties; in marketing cooperation, Chery established mutual trust with the world's second-largest leasing company-AVIS in 2017 to expand product channels, through cross-co-marketing to boost the product exposure in Ecuador.


(Chery's engagement in a public service activity)

(Chery's cooperation with AVIS)

"Chery will constantly strengthen brand building and launch new-generation products like Tiggo 4 and Tiggo 7 in Ecuador. Besides, Chery will grasp the opportunity from Belt and Road construction, to build Chery-Maresa cooperation into a model for China-Ecuador enterprise cooperation. With the constant expansion of Chery Brazil Industrial Park, Chery's integrated layout in Central and South America has taken shape progressively, and Chery will enter into a new stage of development in Ecuador," said Du in an interview with Ecuadorian media on the sidelines of the event.

MARESA sign the Annual sales target with CHERY

(Du Weiqiang in an interview)