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10 Feb2018
TIGGO7 Conquers Azerbaijan, Chery Carries Quality Through

In mid-January 2018, the cross-border self-driving tour held by Chery club in Iran started in Tehran grandly. A motorcade consisted of 10 TIGGO7 drove northward all the way to Baku, capital of Azerbaijan, through Tabriz. The whole journey was more than 3,000 kilometers, including all kinds of road conditions such as snowfield, mountain road, etc. Chery proved its strength through a zero-failure journey.

The cross-border tour this time shown the performance of TIGGO7 incisively and vividly. TIGGO7 is equipped with 1.5T+6DCT power unit, excellent gearbox and engine tunning, as well as a ground clearance of 210mm and a wading depth of 0.6M, which endow the vehicle with so strong a passage capacity that it can travel over land and water, plain and snowfield with skill and ease. TIGGO7 uses the second generation of electric power steering system, which makes the steering wheel accurate and convenient, the feedback strength steady and the response outstanding. At the same time, TIGGO7 pays great attention to shock-absorbing, as a four-wheel independent suspension structure of Mcpherson in the front and four-link in the rear is adopted. Box subframes are equipped both in the front and the rear. And the two-channel shock-absorbing design makes the vehicle smoother on control and steadier in rampways.

The importance of driving safety is self-evident. The responsibility to both consumers and ourselves is expressed in the safety equipment. TIGGO7 which is designed as per C-NCAP five-star safety standard provides considerate protection for the free driving of consumers. TIGGO7 is equipped with integrated cage car body, 6D stringer frame structure and passive safety of 6-air bag safety protection; The series is equipped with ESP (Electronic Stability Program) and 360° full-time panoramic image and super-short braking distance of 39.70m in 100km/h, which comprehensively improve the stability and safety of the vehicle to safeguard the free driving pleasure of consumers.

The superior product with beautiful look both inside and outside is the one giving consideration to both hard and soft. In the driving course, the vehicle performs well in filtering road noise and wind noise to provide a great driving environment for the driver. To remove some consumers’ fear to “hill-start”, TIGGO7 is equipped with hill-start auxiliary system. Any driver could work leisurely in hill-start just like on the level road. Besides, TIGGO7 selects high-quality perforated leather seats, which, combined with dual-zone air conditioning and front-row seat heating function, conveys warmness from Chery to clients sincerely. While the journey is long, the 092m2 panoramic sunroof turns it into an enjoyment since everything looks great from the sunroof.

Iran is one of the overseas strategic markets of Chery. Through years of development, Chery MVM has developed into the first foreign-funded automobile enterprise in Iran. Its products are well accepted and favored by consumers in Iran and its car parc surpasses 300,000. In the future, Chery will bring higher-end, more intelligent and more environmentally friendly products to Iran and even the world to build scientific and smart mobile life for users in the whole world.