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10 Feb2018
TIGGO4 about to Launch in Overseas Market

Since Chery launched its first TIGGO product in the overseas market, the series have been sold in over 80 countries and regions, winning praise and recognition because of its excellent performance and quality. The mature quality and reliable performance of TIGGO series are best presented by TIGGO7 that won the award the Best Batch-production Vehicle in China, the TIGGO5 that received the title of Best-selling Model for the Year, and TIGGo3 whose sales have exceeded one million units. The brand power of Chery is now known by the world.

With millions of units sold, and wonderful reputation and market performance, Chery keeps upgrading its product structure and developing more TIGGO models to bring better and more diverse choices to consumers. In 2018, Chery will launch TIGGO4 in the overseas markets. Developed by adopting the International Strategy 2.0 of Chery, TIGGO4 is positioned as an intelligent SUV model, perfectly proving the international quality of the brand. In the environment of fierce competition, Chery understands the importance of catering to the needs of young consumers in order to instill fresh blood into the brand. TIGGO4 is designed to bring greater fun of control to consumers. The more than 10,000-unit monthly sales in China’s market reveal the market recognition and favor of consumers.

TIGGO4, originated from Chery’sConcept β, adopts the Chery Design water-flow pattern and interprets the Life in Motion design philosophy. The stylish front lamp, the haxagon front grille and the aluminum alloy wheel hub make TIGGO4 look more charming while catering to the needs of appearance lovers. In the trimmings, the three-spoke multiple-function steering wheel and the 4.8-inch instrument board are featured by people orientation. And the panoramic glass sunroof, ambient lighting and other trimmings, while considering the rationality and durability, highlight the personalized values of TIGGO4. Besides, TIGGO4 also seeks perfection in noise control, staying dedicated to improving the control feeling f consumers.

Chery focuses on actions. When driving in the -40° desert, TIGGO4 stood the test the extremely cold weather, conveying its robust attitudes towards performance and quality. As the all-new SUV model of Chery, TIGGO4 is about to be launched in the overseas market. Based on the great power of TIGGO family, it will arouse the whirlwind of TIGGO in the overseas markets. As TIGGO4 is delivered to the market, Chery will improve its global market layout while upgrading its competitiveness. In the future, Chery will continue to optimize the users’ product experience and launch higher-quality products, presenting to overseas consumers the wonderful image of China’s own automobile brand.