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28 Feb2018
TIGGO4 Made Debut in Central-south American Market

TIGGO products of Chery are being sold well in Central-south American market, whose exceptional quality has won great reputation among customers. In 2018, Chery will launch TIGGO 4, a new model in TIGGO family, in Central-south American market. As a major model in the Strategy 2.0 of Chery, TIGGO 4, though launched in China’s market only in last September, has seen the sharp rise in sales and received recognition from consumers. In 2017, the monthly sales of TIGGO 4 exceeded 10,000 units, making it a new power in the SUV product line of Chery.

TIGGO 4, which utilizes the many elements of Chery’s Concept β model, uses the all-new family design that makes its appearance even more stylish and avant garde and employs the strongly-directional design language, clearly targeting at the personality-seeking young consumers. To meet the young users’ demands for technologies, TIGGO 4 is built with the industry-leading new high-tech materials. Besides, it is designed with latest five-star safety standards, using the Benteler high-strength thermal-forming steels and 6D-BODY structure and 6R longeron structure. In terms of trimmings, it has multiple-function steering wheel and 4.8-inch color-screen meter panel featuring large dimensions and diverse information such as vehicle information and script alarm/reminding. The people-oriented designs can be seen everywhere in the model. Even more, the panoramic sunroof, and the trimmings atmospheric light highlight the personalized value of TIGGO 4 while considering the rationality and durability. In terms of power and control, it is equipped with 1.5T turbo charger. The MacPherson front suspension + rear multiple-rod independent suspension + dual-framework sub-frame bring the most robust power, exceptional turn and precise control.

Till now, Chery has remained as the largest exporter of passenger vehicles for 15 years in China. The export accounts for over 30% of total in China in the period. In the Central-south American market, TIGGO 2, TIGGO 3, NEW TIGGO 5 and other 2.0 models of Chery have been launched in the market. The exceptional products and services have conquered consumers there, getting the best sales performance. By making debut in Central-south America, TIGGO 4 will instill fresh energy in Central-south America, thus presenting the strong charm of TIGGO products and brand. It is believed that, as the new TIGGO model is launched, it will bring richer and more valuable product experience to local consumers.

The exceptional market performance of Chery is not only attributed to its wonderful product force, but also to the multiple branding activities of Chery. To present the young and dynamic gene of the brand, Chery has reached strategic partnership with Argentina Cup and sponsor Club Deportivo Universidad Católica in Chile, so as to enhance the brand image by using the charm of sports competitions. Besides, the Chery brand has opened Facebook, Twitter and other international social platforms to hold a few offline brand activities. These activities have helped establish the profound links with overseas consumers.

In the future, Chery will keep making breakthroughs and innovations in Central-south American market, bringing products and services to overseas users with more people-oriented demands, and creating the new image of China’s brand in the local market.