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29 Mar2018
Chery CAOA Launched TIGGO2 in Brazil

On March 28, 2018, TIGGO2 of Chery was launched in Brazil, adding a new model into the product portfolio of the brand in Brazil market. Chery General Manager Mr. Chen Anning, Chery International General Manager Mr. Pan Yanlong, CAOA President Mr. Carlos, CAOA CEO Mr. Mauro, Chery CAOA CEO Mr. Márcio, and nearly 100 local mainstream media attended the TIGGO2 launch press conference in Hotel Quality, witnessing the significant moment for international development of Chery.

After the press conference, Chery also arranged the test driving/riding for the participants and journalists. TIGGO2 received wonderful praise from test drivers for its fashionable and dynamic appearance, and comfortable and smooth control.

TIGGO2 is a stylish SUV model newly developed by Chery mainly for young consumers, which presents the leading international level in terms of appearance and control. TIGGO2 uses the dynamic water-flow body and the robust streamline design, perfectly interpreting the combination between power and fashion. Using the two-color trimmings in contrast, it produces the strong visual impact to generate the avant garde driving atmosphere. In terms of control, TIGGO2 is equipped with 1.5L engine, whose fuel consumption stands at only 5.9L per 100km. The wheelbase is 2,555mm, which can fully meet normal driving needs of users. Besides, TIGGO2 is equipped with TPMS, reverse radar, ESC, ABS, HHC and other configurations to protect the safety of drivers and passengers in a holistic way.

“Since Chery established the strategy of ‘going out’, Brazil has become the priority target in the international strategic goal of Chery”, said General Manager Chen Anning at the press conference. Chery entered Brazil market as early as 2009. In 2014, Chery Brazil Industrial Park was completed, revealing determination of Chery to explore the local market. In November 2017, Chery and the famous Brazil company CAOA set up the JV CHERY CAOA. On March 28, 2018 CHERY CAOA opened its first 4S shop when the model TIGGO2 was launched in Brazil, thus pushing the localization of Chery to a new level.

CAOA is an excellent automobile dealer with years of experience in vehicle sales, which has the best sales channels and teams in Brazil market. Chery has wonderful advantages in product R&D, production, manufacturing technologies and quality control system, which is dedicated to building the global automobile ecology. Chery and CAOA has gone into deep partnership in production, sales, service and operation, thus ensuring 1+1>2. “As our partnership with CAOA goes deeper, Chery will embrace broader development in Brazil. In this way, we will make sure Chery becomes a Brazil brand”, said General Manager Pan Yanlong at the press conference, expressing his great confidence in the partnership between the two parties.

Up to now, Chery has sold more than 70,000 units in Brazil market. It is also deepening the product layout in the local market. In May 2017, TIGGO2 rolled off the production line in Brazil factory. And its launch in Brazil marks that Chery’s JV system in the country has gone mature. In the future, Chery will be steered by products and based on service. Through the diverse marketing activities, Chery will improve the brand reputation and familiarity. It will deepen cooperation with CAOA and get deeply rooted in Brazil market, working hard to develop Chery into the overseas biz card of China’s automobile brands operating in overseas markets.