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05 Apr2018
TIGGO4 Launched in Chile

On April 4, 2018 saw the launching ceremony of Chery TIGGO4 in Puyehue, the famous town in central-south of Chile. Puyehue, lying close to Andes Mountains, has fascinating scenery and innocent people full of passion and warmth. The ceremony kicked off the global launch of TIGGO4, a young and dynamic model of Chery. The launching ceremony was attended by Chery International President Pan Yanlong, SK.Berge & Chery GM Mr. Hugo and journalists from nearly 30 mainstream media in the country. The presence of famous Chilean comedy actor Jenny Carvallo made the ceremony even more brilliant and humorous. The performance of Jenny Carvallo matched perfectly the young and dynamic tonality of the brand, thus getting rounds applause. The ceremony atmosphere came to its peak when TIGGO4 made presence on the stage.

At the ceremony, Chery International President said that, as TIGGO4 was launched, Chery would gradually improve its product matrix in Chile market to bring more stylish and intelligent mobile life experience to Chile users. At the launching ceremony, Chery also arranged the test driving/riding for journalists and other participants, who gave high praise to the model for its fashionable design and practical configurations.

As the all-new SUV model, TIGGO4 of Chery received market recognition and praise, selling more than 10,000 units per month after it was launched in China market in 2017. To cater to the fashionable aesthetic trend of young users, TIGGO4 follows the design philosophy of Concept β of Chery in appearance design. Based on T1X platform and Lotus chassis calibration, the model is equipped with MacPherson front suspension + multiple-rod independent rear suspension + dual-framework subframe, thus having the turning and control performance better than its same-class competitors.

In terms of safety, TIGGO4 adopts the latest five-star safety design. Equipped with Bosch ESP system, it drives stably and safety in complex road conditions in mountains and cities, so as to bring better protection to users. In personalized design, TIGGO is equipped with 9-inch intelligent screen, one-key start, keyless entry and mobile mapping. While having the great cost effectiveness, the users can also experience the life convenience brought by intelligent technologies.

Chile is one of the core strategic overseas markets of Chery. Since entering Chile market in 2007, Chery has sold more than 50,000 units in the market, establishing the wonderful reputation and corporate image. Even more, Chery has conducted various forms of marketing activities. For example, in 2010, Chery sponsored the Paris Dakar Rally; in 2012, it became the sole automobile brand sponsor for the national football team of Chile; in 2013, it sponsored a friendship match in FIFA World Cup Qualifications between Chile and Spain; in 2017, Chery sponsored Club Deportivo Universidad Católica, etc. The activities highlight the young and dynamic brand image of Chery, helping it gain extensive praise from Chile consumers and media. In 2017, TIGGO2 and TIGGO7 of Chery became the candidates for MT Best Model for the Year.

In the future, Chery will continue to seek perfection in technologies, products and service. Based on market needs in Chile, it will introduce more and better products, improve the produce line and provide more energetic, intelligent and comfortable vehicle life for local consumers.